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Teena Evert, LMFT, LAC, CRC, CHPC,
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Teena Evert, LMFT, LAC, CRC, CHPC is an author, speaker, relationship coach and the creator and founder of Ignite Love Now. She is also a holistic psychotherapist, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist and addictions counselor in the state of Colorado.

Teena is uniquely poised to help women put love first, because she knows what it’s like to drive for results in business and get a lot less in your love life. She has become a champion for women to receive the support they need to be more conscious in their relationships and with themselves.

Teena’s work is designed to inspire and liberate smart success driven women to achieve personal well-being, positive partnerships and relationship presence so they many have everlasting love and fulfillment. She helps women to connect to their true selves so they can fully embody their power and be in a healthy, vibrant relationship with the right partner that they choose to be with.

Teena is a best selling author of two published books and is often described as being bold, spunky, and tenacious with just enough grit and guts to endure life’s adversity with great fortitude.

As your coach, she will guide you step-by-step through places you have never been, so you can gracefully get from where you are Now to where you’ve wanted to BE for decades…but for whatever reason you have just not been able to get there on your own.

Based on your desired goals, Teena will help you…

  • Explore what needs to be released in order for you to finally get what you want in your love life.
  • Develop the relationship skills needed to have security and peace of mind with a partner.
  • Improve your understanding and ability to handle and resolve relationship issues effectively.
  • Identify your relationship wants and needs to ensure that you are able to communicate them clearly and get them met in a relationship.
  • Ensure that your relationship is in alignment with your life goals and core values.
  • Co-create a positive partnership that leads to greater health, wealth, and intimacy.
  • Empower you to feel good in your skin and in your soul when making important long-term relationship decisions.
  • Create a relationship vision that inspires and liberates you to achieve and sustain the partnership and love life you desire.

AND she can also support you to…

  • Have healthy conversations that foster emotional intimacy in a way that is safe for you to explore.
  • Select the right dating venues for you to meet high potential partners.
  • Develop your self-care plan to help you cultivate and establish yourself as a priority in your life and within the relationship that you are an essential part of.
  • Curate romantic get-a-ways if you are already in a committed relationship that you want to enhance, improve and bring back to life.
  • Expand their already loving intimate relationship to new heights.
  • Recover from relationship challenges and transform them into lasting intimacy.

There is so much you can do together!

Teena also offers Relationship Success Full Day Get-A-Ways and Diamond Luxury Retreats for her clients to be able to carve out the time needed and the space necessary to experience deep transformation and lasting change.

A Note From Teena

If you’re tired of getting entangled in the same stinkin’ relationship patterns that leave you losing ground and uprooting your self-esteem, self-worth and inner confidence, then I’ve got a treat for you!

Let’s take some quality time to connect, we’ll talk about where you are now, how you got there and where you want to go.

I’ll give you some guide posts to get you moving in the right direction, so you can have a fresh start…feel lighter, brighter and in general more connected, rooted and grounded in who you are at your core!

Here’s how you can let me know you’re ready to go on a virtual walk with me, down a path that only leads to bigger, brighter, and better things for you!

Oh and a little something you should know…this is not for the faint of heart. I will show up 100% for you, so if you feel like you are really ready to make massive change in your life, then I ask you to show up 100% too.

I’ve got you…you can do this… let’s get started!

I'm 100% in are YOU? If your answer is "Yes!"

Then let's do this together, It's more fun that way!

Please take a few minutes to share some information with me about you, so I can best prepare for our time together – Thank you!

Relationship Success Coaching

Self-Radiance Mastery

Renew Your Inner Value + Find Your Truth

Learn the 5 Steps To Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate Your Life!

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Relationship Radiance Mastery

Build a Solid Foundation + Co-create a Positive Partnership

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Life Radiance Mastery

Relationship Presence + A Positive Partnership = Lasting Love The Smart Way

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Relationship Success Immersion

Bring your desires, bring your brilliance, bring YOU and your challenges. Leave with solutions, a vision, a plan and the illumination and ignition to make it happen!

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Diamond Luxury Retreat

This is your opportunity to go deep into resolving any issues that have been holding you back from feeling deeply satisfied in your life. Deluxe treatment from start to finish.

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Love + Success Workshop

In this dynamic women’s empowerment workshop you will learn how deepen your connection with your true self and fully embody your power so you can open up to what’s possible for you and ignite your life!

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Teena Evert
Speaker | Author | Relationship Coach

Teena inspires and empowers women to deepen
and strengthen their greatest asset: their
connection with themselves. Her extensive
background as a marriage and family therapist and
relationship coach, paired with her honest,
gripping, compassionate speaking style fuses
personal growth with finding and nurturing a
loving relationship with a partner. Smart success
driven women are moved to consider new
possibilities in their quest to find a new
relationship (or fortify the one they already have).


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Rave Reviews

Teena has a true genius for asking the right questions, listening with compassion (and without judgment) and guiding you to important ah-has about yourself. If you want clarity and a game plan to get the relationship you’ve been longing for, stop procrastinating and call Teena NOW! ~ Jean Giblin Haynes

Before working with Teena, I was really confused about what kept going wrong in my relationships. I definitely had a pattern that Teena helped me to identify and then learn the relationship skills necessary to break out of it. I was never able to be happy in love and after working with Teena for just 3 months I have been able to approach relationships in a completely different way. I feel confident, clear and really ready to meet my ideal man and the best part is I now believe that it is possible. ~ Sherry Reinhart

I thought my dating situation details were convoluted but after asking me a few questions, you completely cut through the confusion and got right to the core of what was holding me back.  Wow!  You are more than amazing and truly an expert at your craft. ~ E. Silva

Your advice is solid and actionable. Also really grown up. There’s a lot of fluffy dating advice out there and those of us over 50 appreciate grown up advice. I know your professional therapist background is key, so thank you. ~ xo J.R.

I am so happy that I got myself relationship-ready!  Teena really knows what she is talking about…her Ignite Your Love Life Formula taught me everything I need to know to get out there and start dating in a way that wasn’t scary or intimidating. I have so many new skills and I am actually using them because I finally met the man I’ve been looking for all my life! ~ Brenda Strong

I was that girl that was never single, because I would go from one relationship to another. Unfortunately none of them worked out and I felt like time was running out. I didn’t want to end up in another failed relationship it’s too painful and not worth the struggle. After working with Teena I have been able to get clear about what I really want in love and how to attract the man that I desire. I took some time to feel okay being single and it paid off! I’m now with a great guy and we have an amazing relationship and life together! ~ S. Jelks

Great support! Teena was there right when I needed help the most while navigating the dating scene. My confusion and anxiety about dating shifted as I discovered what I truly wanted and what I needed in a relationship for it to work for me. If I hadn’t of worked with Teena, I would probably still be single or worse stuck in miserable relationship. I’m happy to say I am happily married and living my dream! ~ Deb Jenkins

Don’t give up on love. Teena wouldn’t let me give up. She helped me through some tough times that I didn’t think I would ever get through. I’ve spent years in therapy and I still felt stuck. Teena’s program helped me breakout of a relationship rut that consumed me for a decade! I am no longer living under a rock and I feel sexy, I feel alive and I am ready for love. ~ Vicki Lee


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