Episode 0: How to Claim the Lead in Life

Welcome to the Claim The Lead Podcast. I’m your host Teena Evert, thank you for joining us. This podcast is about cultivating a conversation about women’s personal leadership to help develop greater self-awareness, satisfaction, and success in life, work, and love. 

Through interviews and stories, we will explore all aspects of personal leadership, which is the leadership of the self, connected to the emotional and psychological well being of women. When you practice personal leadership, you own your power and lead from the inside out.

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Today’s episode will be different than other episodes because today I wanted to tell you about what this podcast is about and what you can expect from it. I also wanted to share a little about myself and the inspiration for this podcast. 

My name is Teena Evert, I am the founder and CEO of Claim The Lead, a personal leadership development company based in Denver, Colorado. I have been a holistic practitioner, licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed addictions counselor, conversational intelligence coach, and personal growth junkie for over 20 years. I am committed to helping extraordinary women to stand in and own their power so they can lead with intention, authenticity, and joy and reap financial and personal benefits from their work. 

This podcast is inspired by clients who have come to me for guidance, support, and healing from some of life’s most challenging circumstances. Such as toxic relationships both personal and professional, loss, low self-esteem and self-confidence, self-sabotage, marital discord, lack of purpose, depression, anxiety, and life and career transitions. 

Through our work together they were able to discover themselves at a deeper level and learn to make choices in life that were in alignment with their core values and lead happy and more meaningful lives, both personally and professionally. They learned to move from a stuck victim mindset to an empowered outlook so they could reclaim the lead in their lives. 

Many of the women I have worked with are success-driven, they are high-level executives in their industry, or founders of their own companies, or have a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. 

They are committed to their personal growth and development and I have been honored to be their guide and offer support to facilitate healing so they could continue to develop and evolve as extraordinary women. It is my hope that this podcast can be a support to other women as well. 

My goals for this podcast are that it will provide inspiration and motivation for women to become the best selves in their work, in their life and in their relationships. 

That it will help women know that they are not alone, that they’re not the only ones experiencing or going through whatever they’re going through.  That it can provide women with a sense of support and acceptance and that it can provide meaningful suggestions, information, and resources. 

In this podcast, you can listen in as a businesswoman, female entrepreneur, therapist, coach, writer, artist, and everyday people to explore and develop your personal leadership so that you can stand in and own your power and lead your life with intention, authenticity, and joy.

Through interviews and stories, we’ll take a look at relationships, your relationship with others, and relationships with all aspects of yourselves so that you can develop greater self-awareness, satisfaction, and success in life, work, and love.

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” – Dolly Parton

Thank you for listening as we learn to Claim the Lead as women, to not be afraid of our own power, but to own it and go forth and use it to make a greater impact in the world.