11 Ways to a Happy Rewarding Life and Career

Barbara Fredrikson is the author of Positivity, and her work has shown that a reasonable aim is to have a ratio of three “heartfelt” positive experiences to each negative experience. This formula requires positive experiences to be authentic – just pasting a smile on your face or faking; it does not meet the test of authenticity.

The ratio of one negative experience to three positive experiences is a tipping point and predicts whether people will flourish or languish.

Research shows that each individual has a set point for positive emotions. Some people more naturally gravitate to Positivity, whereas others more naturally gravitate toward negativity. Because research finds that Positivity is more beneficial, those with a general proclivity toward negativity may wonder if they are doomed to having a less happy and rewarding life. Fortunately, they can actively increase their Positivity and reap the benefits generated by being more authentically positive.

11 Ways to Create a Positive Outlook…rewarding life and career  

  1. Find positive meaning in situations – What is the blessing or gift in each situation, and what did you learn from the experience?
  2. Savor goodness – When something pleasant happens, enjoy it to its fullest.
  3. Count your blessings – What good things can you be grateful for each day?
  4. Kindness counts – What kind of word or act can you offer in the situation you are experiencing?
  5. Follow your passions – Find out what makes you come alive and do it.
  6. Dream about your future –  What do you want? If you were to create your best life, how would you describe it?
  7. Apply your strengths – Find out what your strengths are and use them often.
  8. Connect with others – No person is an island. We need each other. Build relationships that support and nurture you.
  9. Connect with nature – Take a walk. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Get your feet on the ground. Hug a tree. Splash in a puddle. Breath fresh air. Fly a kite. Let nature nurture you.
  10. Open your mind  Have a beginner’s mind, one that is open to learning new things. Expand your thinking. Invite different perspectives.
  11. Open your heart –  How can you be more inclusive? What touches your being? 

If you find yourself struggling to stay positive, you are not alone. You can learn to counterbalance negativity by cultivating a growth mindset. Teena Evert Career and Life Coach can help you make the critical mindset shift to stop patterns of self-sabotage so you can flourish.

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