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Empowerment In Relationships

Empowerment has been a buzzword for the last few years.

Everyone’s been talking about it. It’s hot because it’s necessary and it’s right on! Feeling empowered is about showing up as your true self with your perspectives, thoughts, opinions and presence.

What empowerment looks like for a woman is connecting and including.

As a woman, you’re a natural connector. You know how to make people feel included and it doesn’t matter where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum. It’s natural for you to create such welcoming environments when you care about those around you. The fact is that men want to be included too, even those that seem to be loners or who don’t seem passionate about anything other than sports or appear to be sullen and stuck and even the men that love to be the life of the party – men want to feel included too!

Here’s what I’d like you to understand. Three of the basic human needs that everyone has are:

  • The need to belong,
  • The need to contribute, and
  • The need to be recognized.

When you understand this, then you, as a powerful and feminine woman have the opportunity in your every interaction to make people feel connected and included. This is essential for initiating contact with someone that you want to get to know and have an authentic conversation with that may or may need lead to something more in your personal life or in business. This is about being inspired from that highest place within you and the “highest place” within those around you sharing your passion and enthusiasm freely.

Too many people who are dating or in committed relationships aren’t motivated to deepen and grow their relationships and as a result seek fulfillment from external sources even if they don’t realize it. But the truth is, that our relationships need inspiration! Inspiration becomes electric when navigating the dating scene, as well as for committed couples, because people feel connected and part of something bigger. Men love to especially feel that inspiration from you, it lights the spark within them. That is truly a gift you can give to anyone, and a mark of powerful feminine presence!

Empowerment translates into connecting and including and igniting your feminine presence.

Take an honest assessment of how frequently you empower yourself and others. What makes you good at this and what could you improve on immediately? Think about specific ways you can turn up your enthusiasm to ‘spark’ others.

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Teena Evert is a Leadership and Communication Mastery Coach. She works with success-driven conscious women who want to be seen and heard in a more impactful way, where they can improve their relationships and make more money, but struggle with communicating and getting what they really want.

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