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The Essence of You

Do you know there is something so beautiful inside you that if you knew it you would fall in love with it?

If you really connected with it, you would learn to listen to it, be guided by its pure simplicity, learn to trust it and allow it to direct your life?

You would appreciate its exquisiteness, its elegance, its practicality, its sensuality, its truth. You would ignore any obstacles in your path, push aside any excuses, delight in its presence, be entranced by its wisdom, thrill at its messages, be seduced by its sheer beauty, be charmed by its innocence, tickled by its playfulness, intrigued by its genius, enthralled by its discoveries, enchanted by its sense of magic, honored by its presence, gladdened by its humor, full of gratitude for its nurturing.

What is it, this incredible thing I am talking about?

It is your feminine essence, that essential part of you which knows no bounds. Once discovered, it is irresistible. It will guide you and look after you, transport you to a new dimension of being. You can truly experience that. Despite all the fear in the world, despite all the news headlines, the stress, the anxiety, the pressure, the doubts, the horrors of modern day living, just know that we are magnificent beings, in the perfect place at the perfect time, unfolding perfectly like a flower. Once we are aligned with that, not only will our own lives transform, but also those of our families, and in turn society.

Essence is the pure fundamental part within each of us – that place inside that instinctively knows the answers, that holds our visions, our dreams, our enthusiasm, our energy and our freedom. It is the part of us that wants us to achieve what we truly desire in life. It is the same joyful innocent voice that guided us as little children, and it never abandons us, even though sometimes it appears to. It is a sensitive, delicate inner voice that can easily be drowned by our fears, conditioning and negative thoughts. Our greatest challenge is to put our trust in it when we give ourselves many reasons not to. When we trust this place inside, we will not need to look outside to be fulfilled – this is living from our essence, the highest form of freedom, compassion and joy.

So how is it we have lost that connection to our feminine – that profound connection to our womanhood that is at our deepest core?

History has taught us over the centuries to be fearful, to lose our connection with the greatest feminine energy of all: the earth and its abundance. Politics, religion, technology, the media and our own insecurities which have been handed down insidiously generation after generation have pulled us so far away that our instincts have been dulled to the point where we have lost our sensitivity, filled our minds with so much negativity and noise that we can no longer hear, even when our lives are screaming to us that we are off course. And because we can no longer hear, and because who we really are has been covered up, it seems an almost insurmountable task to begin uncovering that essence once again.

But perhaps now, when we see the madness that is happening on our television screens, the war, the poverty, the dying children, the stark contrast between the wealthy and the starving, perhaps now is the time to reclaim this power, this extraordinary ‘beingness’ that resides in every woman’s heart, that tenderness, that compassion, that knowingness, that spark of life that longs to be released.

There is a surge of despair carried in the heart of women all over the world, a feeling of powerlessness as individuals, yet also a deep knowing that somehow if we can reclaim that beauty and power and strength of our feminine spirit, not through violence or aggression nor through force or bloodshed, we can actually transform our world.

When we put ourselves in harmony with the eternal laws of life, we will put the world back in harmony. When we come back into the essence of who we really are in our femininity, we will automatically empower our men to be who they really are in the essence of their masculinity. We have made our men redundant in their ability to look after and protect us, to have pride in themselves, and so their energies get diverted elsewhere so that we have a no-win situation for everyone.

It’s time to step up and live a greater life, to inspire change and do the work to make a bigger impact in the world.

Much love,

About the Author TEvert

Teena Evert is a Leadership and Communication Mastery Coach. She works with success-driven conscious women who want to be seen and heard in a more impactful way, where they can improve their relationships and make more money, but struggle with communicating and getting what they really want.

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