The #1 Secret To Create Unwavering Success

Do you have a desire for greater success in your life? It could be a desire to have more success in business, your career, your relationship with money – anything in your life?

Do you feel like if you just knew the RIGHT strategies to implement that your desire to have less stress, more joy and greater confidence in your life would manifest?

Do you know what strategies you’re missing?

I love teaching women how to develop their personal presence, which is an essential key to creating unwavering success. The quality of your personal presence allows you to walk into any room and attract the attention you want, whether it is in a business room or a networking room where you want to build rapport really easily to advance your business or whether it’s on the dating scene where you want to attract a sexy masculine partner.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what room you are in there are certain practices that you can do to develop this magnetic quality that gets you noticed. Being noticed and getting visible is important for your success because it allows you to be in alignment with your deepest wants and desires AND take inspired yet imperfect actions.

First we need to create less resistance in our lives, because this is key to our ability as women to receive. It’s not just about our beliefs and mindset. It’s about how we hold our body, physically and energetically.

The best kept secret to create unwavering success is to get yourself into a state on non-resistance!

You may be resistant because:

  • Of fear: not knowing how something will play out or projecting a negative past experience into the future.
  • We are growing and evolving as human beings and this involves change in order to overcome old patterns and habits.

So to manage your fear and to manage change it’s always good to come back into the body and cultivate a physical and energetic presence.

You want to be able to identify:

  • Where am I in resistance?
  • Where am I not in the flow of giving and receiving?
  • Is my body open to receive all that I want?

How would you answer these 3 questions? I would love to know! Please post your comments below.

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About the Author TEvert

Teena Evert is a Leadership and Communication Mastery Coach. She works with success-driven conscious women who want to be seen and heard in a more impactful way, where they can improve their relationships and make more money, but struggle with communicating and getting what they really want.

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