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What Is Conversational Intelligence©?

Conversations and relationships go hand in hand.

You constantly engage in conversations with others – including children, spouses, business partners, and customers – and you also have conversations with the self you see in the mirror each day as the you now communicate with the you of the future.

Conversational Intelligence uses a transformational methodology that clarifies the conversational dynamics and patterns that are present in all conversations in every language around the globe. Based on the newest research in neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence methodologies can be used to elevate partnering, create healthy culture, and develop human potential through a combination of coaching and neuroscience to permanently improve the quality of conversations and relationships.

The methodology and its comprehensive tools offer unique insights into conversation’s potential to catalyze change and growth and relationships. It aligns individual, team, and organizational aspirations by teaching people to communicate using the most advanced parts of their brains.

Building C-IQ sets us off on a mysterious path of lifelong exploration as we learn to activate the pleasure-inducing neurochemicals that help us successfully navigate life’s most important, and sometimes difficult and challenging conversations.

C-IQ was recently listed as one of the top five business trends by Inc. Magazine, and Microsoft has called it one of the most powerful methodologies of the past decade, even of this century. C-IQ enables coaches to bring fresh new conversational approaches to clients seeking to transform cultures, elevate trust in organizations, build world-class leadership teams, and foster higher levels of teamwork and partnering.

For those experiencing or avoiding difficult conversations and wanting to improve listening and connecting with others then please reach out to speak with certified C-IQ coach, Teena Evert by calling 303-884-9642 or email her at

We are in conversations every day and research shows that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark. Sometimes people may say to you, ‘I don’t have time to spend in deep conversations; they take too long.’ By mastering Conversational Intelligence, we will find that conversations are easier to have even when conversations are difficult conversations. Learning to talk in a way where they listen to me and I listen to them; we are truly listening to each other.


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Teena Evert is a Leadership and Communication Mastery Coach. She works with success-driven conscious women who want to be seen and heard in a more impactful way, where they can improve their relationships and make more money, but struggle with communicating and getting what they really want.

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