A Journey of Self-Discovery 

A Journey of Self-Discovery Program

A Journey of Self-Discovery is designed to uncover meaning in your existence while exploring your potential.

Specifically on this life journey you will:  

  • Uncover your talents, strengths, skills and resources
  • Evaluate your life obstacles and limitations
  • Change your unwanted attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
  • Create, design and develop tools needed for life change
  • Discover yourself, reflect and re-focus
  • Prioritize your experiences, values, skills and capabilities
  • Discover what will re-energize, motivate and excite you
  • Clarify your unfulfilled goals and dreams
  • Identify what is important to you in life
  • Develop a personal vision that will help you live a more balanced, flexible life

This program will help you: 

  • Reflect on "What was" and "What is important to you."
  • Uncover new things about yourself
  • Evaluate your options
  • Expand your personal and working resources
  • Develop internal and external support systems
  • Develop a Personal Plan of Action

You are unique! Only you can take responsibility for you life. Determine your wants, needs, hopes, and dreams. Create a sense of inner satisfaction, flexibility, balance and success. 

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The first step in my process is to schedule a Free Consultation with me so that we can discuss what your current challenges are. Then from here, I will provide you with my recommendations. If we choose to work together, I will discuss the details with you at this time. If we choose not to work together, I will provide an appropriate referral.