Teena Evert, Certified Career + Life Coach + Counselor

Hi, I’m Teena!

“I can help you navigate the tough stuff, get unstuck, find clarity, gain confidence, and re-focus on what you want in life.”

Hi, I’m Teena Evert; it’s nice to meet you.

You might be stressed out, burned out, anxious, depressed, stuck in a rut, feeling overwhelmed, lost, devalued, under-functioning, over-thinking, and bumping up against barriers in life that you can’t figure out how to get over by yourself.

I love to help 30-somethings find clarity, gain confidence, and re-focus to reach critical milestones in their lives and thrive. I give you essential tools to build a purposeful life and career.

I also provide career & life coaching and mental health counseling to support student wellness by helping struggling students navigate the challenges of college life.

I take a transformative approach that guides clients to discover their strengths, motivations, and unique gifts to create positive change. I have helped people develop and grow from all walks of life and culture. You don’t always learn the life skills needed to thrive in uncertain times. I help you build the skills, mindset, and tools to cope and succeed.

I want to invite you to connect with me for a free consultation. My style is warm, supportive, and collaborative, with just the right balance between listening and offering guidance and direction. You can share your concerns with me, and we can work together to decide if my approach is best for you.

Background + Education


  • Bachelor of Arts, Biology
  • Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology


  • Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Former Addictions Counselor (LAC) 
  • Certified Career Counselor (CCC)


  • Board Certified Coach (BCC), Career Designation
  • Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC)
  • Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC)
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach (C-CIQ)
  • Certified Holistic Coach (CHC)




  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)
  • Certified Digital Brand Strategist (CDBS)
  • Certified 360Reach Analyst
  • Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRC)
  • Academy Certified Profile Writer (ACPW)
  • Certified SkillScan Assessment Analyst


  • International Coaching Federation (ICF), Colorado Chapter (ICF-CO), Board Member
  • Career Thought Leaders (CTL), Professional Associate
  • National Career Development Association (NCDA), Colorado Chapter (CCDA)
  • Women’s Speakers Association (WSA), Premier Member
The beginning…

My Career Journey

In my 20’s, I was fearlessly living in remote Alaska. Every day was an adventure with opportunities to explore and learn new things. I loved to be outdoors and was proud of the survival skills I developed, how to be self-sufficient, and thrive many miles off the beaten path. 

I was also:

  • The only woman on a small team, working in a male-dominated field, living in remote Alaska.
  • I worked incredibly long hours in a physically demanding environment, continually proving that I was a capable, smart woman.
  • I was disconnected from my feminine side, working hard to be valued in a man’s world and pushing myself to extreme exhaustion to try to get ahead and survive.

There came a time when my interests changed along with a desire to be more engaged in the world. I left the experience of real remote living and working and started down a different path. I had to learn new skills and strategies to navigate living and working in an established community and this community and this required developing a new personal and professional identity.

Adventure and exploration continued. The difference was that now I was learning a different set of life skills that were critical to survive and thrive in a city. I continued to value my resourcefulness, fearlessness, authenticity, and desire to be free from hard rules and societal expectations. 

And I struggled…

  • In a toxic work environment and suffered sexual assault from my boss. 
  • I got stuck in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship.
  • I was giving ALL my energy away to negative and needy people.

I felt lost, confused, and stuck in a self-destructive pattern and wasn’t sure how to prioritize taking care of myself or how to get to the next step. I was too stressed and traumatized to see through the fog to identify a clear path forward.

I knew something had to change. I needed to…

  • Find a deeper purpose and start a career I loved.
  • Heal from my trauma and begin to love, value, and respect myself.
  • Learn to believe in my gifts and trust my intuition so that I could make empowered decisions.
  • Learn how to conserve, protect, and manage my physical and energetic boundaries.

So, I took every step necessary to do precisely that—committing wholeheartedly, even though it freaked me out inside.

I felt lost, confused, and stuck in a self-destructive pattern and wasn’t sure how to prioritize taking care of myself or how to get to the next step. I was too stressed and traumatized to see through the fog to identify a clear path forward.

In my early 30’s, I moved to the “lower 48” and indulged in modern conveniences such as access to health food stores, well-maintained hiking trails, ski lifts, highways, therapy, the intranet, and cell phones. I settled in Boulder, CO, where I continued to heal and further developed my definition of freedom, professional identity, and became a first-time homeowner. 

My journey continued well into my late 40’s, where I am proud to say that I have successfully trailblazed a path that continues to evolve. I further explored my purpose and established myself as a successful entrepreneur, which required me to learn how to have a healthy relationship with myself, a strong growth mindset, and the ability to work and play smart. 

My path was never clearly planned out; therefore, it took many twists and turns that included going full out to unfortunately hit dead-ends and arrive at false summits. I never had a guide to help me create a clear vision or a map for where I wanted to go. My journey was a complete happenstance where failing forward was a regular experience that I believe I have mastered.

After I learned to play full out, trust my decisions, and forgive myself for all the years of second-guessing, I got led to opportunities like:

  • Leaving mismatched jobs and multiple side-hustles to start my own successful business.
  • Finding my life purpose and serving people like you—helping you connect to your authentic confidence and value to grow personally and professionally in your life and career.
  • Multiple visibility opportunities_ I became a Certified Career Coach and Counselor, host the Claim the Lead Podcast, and stepped into a leadership role with the Women Speakers Association.
  • Finding support from a like-minded community, personally and professionally, who have challenged me to rise higher than I thought possible.
  • Serving from a full cup instead of feeling like a straw sucking away at an empty cup, trying to scrounge up drops of energy and motivation.
  • Claiming the Lead in my life by getting into the driver’s seat, even when it can seem risky to explore uncharted territory. 
  • Feeling supported and surrounded by other like-minded women, personally and professionally—and no longer drained.

And most importantly, living skillfully and authentically has helped me say HECK YES to the things that light me up and NO WAY to the things that don’t—even when the outcome is unknown.

If there’s anything you take away from my story, it’s this:

You don’t have to have everything in your life and career ALL figured out to take action. The most important thing is to develop your authentic confidence and have a desire to grow. 

I am here to guide you every step of the way along your unique path that leads you towards a positive and prosperous future.

Claim the Lead, PLLC is a personal growth and career development company that was established to help students and professionals build a positive life rooted in their strengths, requirements, unique gifts, and purpose. 

We specialize in helping 30-somethings get their careers on track so they can enjoy meaningful work, happier relationships, and better work-life balance. We also specialize in helping struggling students navigate college life so they can develop good habits, healthy relationships, and greater self-confidence in themselves and their future.