How To Be Happy 🙂 in Your Career

Your work doesn’t have to suck the living life out of you, it can bring you tremendous joy, satisfaction and success. I went from feeling super stuck to seriously satisfied, I will show you how.

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    Who am I?

    Hi! I'm Teena Evert, a board certified career, life, leadership and conversational Intelligence coach, as well as a licensed mental health professional.

    I coach career-minded professionals on how to develop, grow and advance along their career path, so they have greater clarity, confidence, success and happiness in their work-life.

    What you'll discover?

    ► Clarity and positive direction along your career path

    ► The career planning process to get unstuck and build momentum

    ►How to boost your confidence, satisfaction and success at work

    ► PLUS+ 7 Days of CAREER ESSENTIALS: Increasing success on the right path