Many people come to me for career coaching because they are seeking guidance on how to identify their strengths and best career options.

They also struggle to effectively market themselves because they don’t have a language for articulating their strengths, interests and priorities. 

The truth is, all change starts with self-awareness!

When you lack personal clarity about your greatest strengths, interests, and priorities, you’ll end up using a scattershot approach to applying for jobs. I guarantee you'll end up feeling frustrated because your efforts will been ineffective.

Consider the impact on recent graduates and adults in transition

Recent graduates launching their first careers need knowledge of their preferred skills, strengths, and interests as baseline data for identifying internships and entry level roles. 

Adults in career transition need to distinguish between the skills they want to continue using from those they want to minimize in their next role. This enables them to focus on the roles that align with the skills that  they are most proficient in and enjoy.

I offer a holistic, strength-based comprehensive approach to Career Planning, Management and Development. 

If you're early in your career, learn how to transform your interests, strengths, and priorities not just into a jobs, but a career. Develop a plan for your future.

If you're mid-career and feeling burned out, learn how to move beyond burnout and how to successfully navigate career change or pivot. 

Get clear and gain confidence in identifying what you want and need from your career. Learn to make informed decisions, and take the right actions to accomplish your career objectives and lifestyle goals!

The Career Clarity and Refocus Program provides you with both informal and formal assessment tools and targeted career development coaching so that you can gain the clarity and confidence needed to explore a wide range of career possibilities that would be a good match for you as a whole person (interests, strengths transferable skills, aspirations, industries, experiences, and priorities).

You'll dive deep into exploring where you fit, with 1-2 formal assessments to help you hone in on matching career or job options. 

You'll receive a structured process to narrow it down to your top 3 so that you can move into a targeted and focused job search and make informed career-decisions that will lead to your definition of success and long-term satisfaction. 

Are you looking to land your ideal job, change your career, up-level your marketability, or get hired fast?

Career Coaching can help you get results & accelerate your success! 

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