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Couples Intensives

Stuck Couple TalkingEver feel like you’re stuck in a loop when it comes to your relationship? ​

You know, those same old conversations that never seem to go anywhere? Traditional therapy sometimes feels like that—a lot of talking, but not much changing.

Imagine this…

You go to therapy hoping for some magic solution to fix things, but you end up just rehashing the past and leaving with the same old frustrations. Sound familiar?

Well, here’s the thing: I’ve got a different approach—an intensive three-day program designed just for couples like you. No more endless talking about problems without any real solutions. We’re talking action here!

In those three days, we’re going to dive deep into your relationship and shake things up. It’s not just about talking—it’s about experiencing and learning together. And guess what?

You’ll leave with practical tools and strategies you can actually use in your daily life.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You’ll also get follow-up sessions to keep the momentum going once you’re back home. That way, you’ll have a clear roadmap for continuing to strengthen your relationship.

This isn’t your typical therapy session. We’re going to cover everything from communication and conflict resolution to intimacy and parenting—all in a respectful and even fun way.

So, if you’re ready to break free from those old patterns and create a relationship filled with love, joy, and satisfaction, let’s do this together.

Get ready to love well!

I work with couples nationwide virtually via secure video, and in person in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Please contact me if you’re a committed couple interested in scheduling a couples intensive.

What to expect from the 3-day Couples Intensive

3 Day Couples IntensiveTherapy Sessions: You’ll engage in 12-14 hours of focused therapy sessions over three days, tailored specifically to your relationship needs.

Follow-up Support: After each session, you’ll receive resources summarizing our work, outlining tasks to practice outside the office, and providing contemplations to help maintain your progress. You will have the option to participate in follow up and maintenance sessions to support your ongoing growth and development.

Complimentary Call: Before committing, you and your partner/spouse can schedule a complimentary 30-min video call. This allows you to ask any questions about my methods and approach, learn more about the intensive model, and decide if it’s the right investment for your relationship.

With this intensive approach, you’ll receive focused attention, practical tools, and ongoing support to help you strengthen your bond and deepen your love.

A Couples Intensive is the perfect fit for you if…

Couple working through Communication IssuesYou and your partner share a deep love and a mutual desire to grow together. You both want your relationship to be a source of joy, pleasure, and meaning in your lives.

You’re genuinely curious about yourselves and each other. You’re open to learning, even if it means being vulnerable or experiencing strong emotions along the way.

You have the time to dedicate three full days to focus primarily on your relationship. While you may have other commitments like work or family, having this uninterrupted time together is essential for integrating the work we’ll do.

You value science and evidence-based approaches. My methods are grounded in psychobiological approach, and I often work with couples who appreciate this perspective, even if they also have spiritual or religious beliefs. You’re open to applying scientific knowledge to enhance your relationship in ways that align with your spiritual or personal beliefs.

If this sounds like you and your partner, let’s chat and see if my Intensive is the right next step for your relationship journey.

Couples Intensives are not the best option for you if…

couple fightingYou’re unsure about whether you want to stay together. If you’re questioning the future of your relationship, it’s important to address this uncertainty before diving into intensive couples work. Consider working with me in a different format to  help your navigate this discernment process.

The cost of the intensive is prohibitive for you. While I strive to provide value and efficiency in my work, I understand that the cost may be a significant factor for some couples. It’s essential that financial stress doesn’t hinder the progress you make in therapy. If my fees are beyond your budget, I encourage you to find a therapist who offers services within your financial means.

Substance misuse is the primary issue in your relationship. While I have experience working with couples dealing with substance-related challenges, my focus is on improving relationship dynamics, not addressing substance use directly. If substance misuse is a significant concern, it’s crucial to prioritize addressing this issue first before engaging in couples therapy.

Domestic violence is present in your relationship. Safety is paramount, and any active physical violence requires immediate intervention from specialists trained in domestic violence prevention and support. Couples therapy is not appropriate in situations where physical safety is compromised.

You’re seeking traditional therapy. My approach is intensive and focused on providing practical solutions from the outset, rather than a gradual exploration of issues over time. If you prefer a traditional therapy model or ongoing subscription-based therapy, you may be better suited to a therapist who offers those services.

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that you receive the support and resources best suited to your unique situation and needs. If my intensives don’t align with your current circumstances or preferences, I’m here to help guide you toward alternative options that may be a better fit.

Couples Intensive Package Options

Couples Intensives PackagesEssential: This package focuses on foundational insights and skills to enhance your relationship. Dive deep into understanding how to co-create the best relationship possible. Resolve old issues and learn effective conflict resolution strategies. Gain insight into how your nervous system influences your interactions and discover ways to overcome old patterns for greater connection.

This package includes the three-day intensive focused on understanding and addressing core issues, along with personalized resources to guide your ongoing practice.

Essential Plus: Building on the Essential package, Essential Plus includes a 1-hour check-in session within 10 days after the intensive. This session provides additional support and guidance as you implement what you’ve learned and fine-tune your practices together.

Progression: Take your growth further with the Progression package. In addition to Essential Plus, you’ll receive a 2-hour session one month after completing the intensive. This session focuses on integration and continued refinement of your relationship skills, ensuring sustained progress.

I work with couples nationwide virtually via secure video, and in person in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Please contact me if you’re a committed couple interested in scheduling a couples intensive. (720) 443-1071