EP 11: Self Appreciation (P2)

self-appreciation-part 1


Today’s topic is SELF APPRECIATION (P2) Dial Down Your Negative Emotions. In this episode I will offer you a way to deal with the negative emotions that arise when working on self appreciation. Having negative emotions is normal and common as you work on developing greater self appreciation in your life.

As you begin to imagine your past and future self, you may notice that feelings don’t align with the positive image that you want to cultivate. If that happens, simply acknowledge the feeling and congratulate yourself for noticing it. Then you can gently let it go by turning your attention back to the positive imagery. You might find that you have to do this more than once and that’s completely okay.

When imagining positive aspects of yourself it’s possible that your mind will bring up examples that show you the opposite. Instead of trying to resist or get rid of these negative emotions just dial down the volume on them and turn up the volume on the positivity.

Remember that we’re all born whole and complete with the potential for resourcefulness for passion for creativity and the full expression of our uniqueness. All of that is still there. We are just working on removing the blocks so we can access it by releasing our limiting self concepts.

I’d love to hear about your experience in creating self appreciation in your life.  Please feel free to send me an email at podcast@teenaevert.com

Remember that the process of SELF APPRECIATION and creating an unshakable sense of worth regardless of what is happening in our lives takes practice takes practice it’s a skill that we can all learn and an important one!