Episode #12: How to Own All of Who You Are

The Claim The Lead Podcast is a weekly conversation with your host Teena Evert. She is the Founder & CEO of Claim The Lead, where she coaches career-oriented professionals who strive for success and seek work-life balance.

Through interviews and stories, Teena will explore all aspects of personal leadership, which is the leadership of the self, connected to the emotional and psychological well-being of women to help develop greater self-awareness, satisfaction, and success in life, work, and love.

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It is my passion to help lift other women up, whether they’re going through something that’s really hard or at a place where they’re uncomfortable because transformation is happening in their lives.

The truth is, this can certainly be a symptom of growth. We start to feel uncomfortable, things become more uncertain and we’re guided into our gut and asked to trust it. If we can stay open even when it hurts, amazing things happen.

Remember this intention…

Embrace Change, Follow Your Bliss and Breathe Away Fear my dear!

Self Appreciation Series

Today’s episode is Part 3 of the Self Appreciation 3-Part Series 

Part 1, Episode 10: How To Create an Unshakable Sense of Worth

I shared the idea that self-appreciation can often feel uncomfortable because we mistake feeling good about ourselves with something we’re not supposed to do. We think of it as arrogance or feeling better than somebody. But this is simply not true. Arrogance is about feeling better than other people. Self Appreciation is about feeling good about ourselves because we are uniquely who we are. Therefore, self-appreciation is really fundamental to building our best lives.

Part 2, Episode 11:  Dial Down Your Negative Emotions that can arise when working on self-appreciation and how negative emotions are normal and common as you develop a greater self-appreciation in your life.

Instead of trying to resist or get rid of these negative emotions just dial down the volume on them and turn up the volume on the positivity. Remember that we’re all born whole and complete with the potential for resourcefulness for passion for creativity and the full expression of our uniqueness. All of that is still there. We are just working on removing the blocks so we can access them by releasing our limiting self-concepts.

Part 3, Episode 12: Own ALL Of Who YOU Are Listen to this 3-Part Series as often as you like and I want to thank you for being here. Just know that you are truly valuable, you’re truly worthy and truly deserving of the life you want to create.

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