EP 13: Feminine Fear



The Claim The Lead Podcast is a weekly conversation with your host Teena Evert MA, LMFT, LAC, is the Founder & CEO of Claim The Lead, a personal leadership development company that’s committed to helping extraordinary women in business stand in and own their power so they can lead with intention, authenticity and joy and reap financial and personal benefits from their life’s work.

Through interviews and stories we will explore all aspects of personal leadership, which is the leadership of the self connected to the emotional and psychological well being of women to help develop greater self-awareness, satisfaction and success in life, work and love.

In today’s episode I am speaking with the brilliant Annella Metoyer, a speaker, author and the President of Inspire Development, LLC. She empowers leaders and emerging leaders to be the change within their organizations.

With over 35 years of solving complex problems and building high performing teams in the financial industry, Annella knows firsthand what it will take to lead and succeed in today’s complex business world. She believes that great leadership relies on the ability to develop others and create a culture of teamwork.

In this episode our conversation is focused on Feminine Fear and how it can truly stop us from moving forward in both our personal and professional lives and what to do about it.

In this special episode you’ll learn:

♥ What feminine fear is

♥ How to step beyond fear and move forward

♥ Ways to increase your personal power

♥ How to become a power source for others

Where To Find Annella

Website: https://annellametoyer.com/

Dare To Be The Change Book

Stronger Than Fear Book