Episode #14: How to Know Your Worth in a Mans World

In today’s episode, I am speaking with Carmen W. Landrau, MD a board-certified physician who specializes in cardiology, a professional keynote speaker, and a business coach. She is originally from Puerto Rico but has been living in Houston, TX for more than 16 years.

Dr. Landrau completed her medical training at Ponce School of Medicine, followed by a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in cardiology, both at The University of Texas Medical School in Houston. After her graduation, she was hired as part of the staff of the cardiology division at UT and later on opened her own private practice.

As a professional speaker, Dr. Landrau uses her experience navigating a male-dominated and hierarchical career to empower other women and help them recognize their talents, and voice their achievements. This in turn leads them to regain confidence and take the next steps in their careers and in life. As a business coach, she works with women business owners who want to improve their business visibility to reach their ideal clients.

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • What it means to own your worth in a male-dominated, hierarchical industry
  • What makes you worthy of achieving your goals
  • The importance of speaking your truth and projecting confidence at work
  • Discovering what makes you unique and believing in yourself
  • Tips for managing your time and energy as a professional woman with a family

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