Episode #19: How to Cultivate More Peace and Balance in Your Life

In this episode, I am speaking with thought-leader and “Self-Care Concierge”, Pamela Zimmer. She teaches professional women how to have peace and balance in their lives through a consistent practice of self-care (which is more than just a monthly massage or mani/Pedi).

With a leap of faith, Pamela quit her career of 13 years. What she didn’t anticipate was the 6-year struggle she would face battling severe Postpartum Depression. Out of her pain came her purpose, and the lesson about self-care. Today, Pamela mentors women with her groundbreaking, 5-step permission-based program, offering the structure, foundation, and guidance they need to take care of themselves first. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

In this episode we explore how:

  • Self-care is always a choice
  • Your thinking, feeling, and behaviors impact your overall health and well-being
  • To not give up or give in to life’s challenges
  • To give yourself permission to be on purpose

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