Episode # 22: How to Refocus and Move in a Positive Direction

Welcome to the Claim the Lead Podcast. I’m your host Teena Evert this podcast is for professionals who want to create a meaningful well-lived life. My intention is to support you in developing greater self-awareness, satisfaction, and success in work, life, and love. I am a Life and Career Development Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with a true passion for helping people navigate important transitions in their life and career. 

Season 2

Today’s episode will be different than other episodes because today I want to tell you about what SEASON 2 of this podcast is about and what you can expect from it. I also wanted to share a little about myself and the inspiration for a NEW SEASON!

I am a life-long learner and I have too many certifications, training, and degrees to list them all; however the most relevant to my work to date are that I am a Certified Life and Career Transition Coach, Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach, I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Addictions Counselor.

I have a true passion for helping people navigate important transitions in their life and career and I want you to know that you’re not alone, many people wonder where they fit or belong during challenging times.

I coach my clients on ways to get unstuck and move forward, strategize about possible barriers both internal and external and identify what is really holding them back from making changes. In our work together they gain more ideas, become more creative, are less anxious about the future, and become more confident in designing and building a life they choose.

The transformation that occurs from gracefully moving through a life or career transition is empowering! I know first hand, as I have been here multiple times and not only survived it but have thrived on the other side – and you can too.

SEASON 2 is inspired by my own recent transition as well as the incredible people that I have had the honor to coach over the past 9 months. They are so brave and courageous to seek out professional support to help guide them through times of change that can be filled with uncertainty, confusion, feeling lost and insignificant.

Through our work together they were able to discover themselves at a deeper level and learn to make choices in life that were in alignment with their core values and lead happy and more meaningful lives. They learned to move from a place of feeling completely stuck to an empowered outlook so they could reclaim the lead in their lives and move forward with a new energy and engagement within their relationships, life and career.

This has been my experience as well when I recently sought out professional help and worked with a coach to assist me through an incredibly difficult transition in my life. I know the true power of working with a trained coach and recommend it highly if you are eager to grow out of a situation that can often feel impossible or unsolvable. I am here to tell you that is rough at first, but what’s possible on the other side is waiting for you!

Season 2 goals

My goals for SEASON 2 of this podcast, are to provide specific life and career development tools and practical tips to help you step into your best self, so you can live your best life. My hope is that it will help you know that they are not alone, that they’re not the only ones experiencing or going through whatever they’re going through, and learn some powerful and practical ways to start to shift, refocus and begin to move in a more positive direction.

Through a hybrid of interviews and solo shows, I will encourage and inspire you to embrace a whole-life perspective. This will help you take a deeper look into yourself so that you can develop a meaningful life and career that brings a positive sense of self, is engaging and exciting, and brings a sense of balance (including health, finances, relationships, spirituality, personal growth (including intellectual and emotional), leisure, family, and continuing education

Thank you for listening, as we learn to Claim the Lead as women, to not be afraid of our own power, but to own it and go forth and use it to make a greater impact in the world!