Episode #6: How to Be More Influential in The Workplace

Hey, welcome back to the Claim The Lead Podcast. I am so glad you’re listening to today’s episode, whether you’re already a subscriber and have been tuning in weekly to our shows or if this is your first time listening – WELCOME!

Today, I want to speak more about personal leadership so that you know exactly what it is and how it applies to you and your life.

It’s important to assess whether you’re just living your life or truly claiming the lead.

For women, it’s our self-doubt, lack of confidence, and overwhelm that diminishes and erodes our power as natural leaders.

Personal Leadership is so important – in fact, renowned management expert Peter Drucker once called it

The only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century.

Women leaders (at all levels) are looking for a means to become more influential and impactful in the workplace. They want to know how to feel more confident when challenged with difficult conversations and how to manage their energy and time day-to-day so they can have less overall stress and greater health and wellbeing. They want more authentic connections and relationships and feel powerful in their place of business as a leader.

Achieving gender parity is a common goal amongst women in the 21st century. Every day more women are stepping up into higher leadership positions and are looking always to become more effective and impactful in their roles without compromising their own core values, but rather fully expressing their unique gifts and qualities as emerging leaders.

Women still get paid 82 cents on every dollar and believe they have to show up like a man and do a man’s job rather than embrace their feminine power. Self-doubt, lack of confidence and overwhelm are diminishing women’s power as natural leaders.

At Claim The Lead, we offer a variety of personal leadership development programs for women leaders (at all levels) to help them become the catalyst for change that is needed to achieve gender parity.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What personal leadership is and isn’t.
  • Why women should develop and strengthen their personal leadership.
  • How to determine whether you’re just living your life or truly claiming the lead.