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The Claim The Lead Podcast is a weekly conversation with your host Teena Evert MA, LMFT, LAC, PC. She is the Founder & CEO of Claim The Lead, where she specializes in job burnout solutions and personal leadership development for healthcare professionals.

Through interviews and stories Teena will explore all aspects of personal leadership, which is the leadership of the self connected to the emotional and psychological well being of women to help develop greater self-awareness, satisfaction and success in life, work and love.

In today’s episode we’re talking about MONEY with my delightful guest Clare Dube who is a Financial Therapist who specializes in daily money management for women (and couples) couples). She is also the Founder of SMART chats®, a financial conversation process for Saving Money And Relationships Together. She helps couples in money conflict go from chaos to clarity and connection. Clare’s work and advice has been featured in Forbes, US News & World Report, Acorn and Yahoo Finance.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

♥ Best practices for managing your money mindset

♥ What it really means to be SMART with money

♥ How to clean up your money problems

♥ Take the fear out of your finances

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LIFE AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT COACHING | Teena helps you navigate important transitions in your life and career with intention, clarity and purpose. She can help you get unstuck, identify your barriers, and move forward fearlessly into a bright future of your own design.

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