Why Partner With a Coach?

Teena Evert is the founder and CEO of Claim the Lead, PLLC. She is a board certified coach (BCC), certified career counselor (CCC), global career development facilitator (GCDF), certified career transition coach (CCTC), certified hidden job search coach (CHJSC), certified digital brand strategist (CDBS), academy certified resume and profile writer (ACRPW) and licensed mental health professional. 

She helps talented professionals transform interests, priorities and strengths a fulfilling career that you love. She can also help you move beyond burnout and successfully navigate career change, launch, or advancement.

Teena will work by your side so that you can reach your BIG goals. She provides an organized and customized approach to help you achieve success!

She can help you...

✰ Gain awareness of your talents, skills, passions, interests and character strengths

 Explore your interests, values, and character strengths to best understand YOU

 Assess your career preferences and options

 Analyze and test out new possibilities

 Identify areas of skill development to reach your targeted goals

 Improve your communication skills

Get clear on your next steps to advance your career

 Plan and execute a job search

 Leverage your strengths and natural talents

Be relevant resume critique, key interview tips and strategies

 Connect with an online and offline networking plan

 Update your personal brand and more!

What is the process?

Coaching sessions take place on the phone and through video conference calls. The frequency and duration of sessions will depend on what you want to accomplish. 

✔︎ Change jobs - the process includes an initial consultation, an effective resume, job search techniques, powerful interviewing skills, and negotiating strategies.

✔︎ Change careers - the process may begin with assessment and include research, networking, and goal clarification. Then you will be ready to work on changing jobs.

✔︎ Career performance coaching - the process is tailored to your specific situation. It begins with an initial consultation to identify your concerns, and then an action plan will be created to help you accomplish your goals.

 ✔︎ Work on one career issue - such as preparing for an evaluation, achieving a promotion, improving your resume, developing a list of target companies, or interview preparation: the meetings will focus on that particular issue.

Do you work long distance?

Yes, I work with clients across the U.S and internationally using zoom video conferencing. 

How long will it take?

The number of sessions will vary based on what you want to accomplish. We offer a variety of programs packages that are further customized for you!

How do I get started?

STEP ONE: Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation session with Teena, so that she can assess your situation and provide the best recommendation to address your needs. 

STEP TWO: Review your recommendations and choose the customized package that best fits your career goals and needs.

Do you have more questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask by getting in touch!

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