How to Be Empowered and Happy in Your Career

Are you happy in your career?

My name is Teena Evert, and I am a certified career coach and career counselor. To be happy in your career and prosperous in your life, you need to be committed to your personal growth and professional development at all stages of your career. 

As a helping professional, I am committed to guiding people towards finding happiness and empowerment in their lives. As your guide, I walk alongside you to ensure that you have what you need to get to where you want to go. 

To Be Happy in Your Career…

Get Clear

Often, the first step is to get clear about who you are (or who you want to become) and where it is that you want to go. Take the time to do some self-exploration to discover your natural talents, interests, and strengths. There are many exercises and assessments that you can do with a career coach to help you find the clarity in knowing what makes you unique. It’s an essential first step before exploring career paths that are a potential strong match for you. 

Grow Your Confidence

The next step is to try new things. When you begin to take action, your confidence grows. By being open to having new experiences that put you outside of your comfort zone, you will gain a greater understanding of what you require in your life and career to be happy. It’s fundamental to your long-term success because knowing your non-negotiables will prevent you from making decisions that lead to unsolvable problems. 

Build Momentum

The last step is to learn how to build the momentum to create a life that feels powerfully aligned with your purpose or your BIG reason. This is critical to be happy in your career.

My BIG reason or my WHY I do what I do is…

“To inspire others to build a purposeful life so that together we create more joy in the world.

Teena Evert, CEO Claim the Lead

We live in a busy world with so many things competing with our time and attention. As a result, it’s easy to get pulled in too many directions at once. 

When this happens, we can lose sight of what’s most important in our lives. Until perhaps we have a “wake-up” call, such as a significant break-up or divorce, a life-threatening illness, job loss, or another event that causes us to stop and reflect on what is going on in this moment. 

It’s in these moments that we plant seeds for transformation. These are also rich opportunities to create significant change that leads to living a more purposeful life.

Too often, when faced with challenging life circumstances, we jump onto a path of least resistance because we don’t want to feel the pain that has arisen. We make the mistake of grabbing onto what appears to bring comfort and certainty, but in hindsight, it will set you back further in the long run for choosing the path of instant gratification. 

Be Empowered in Your Career

When you feel stuck or at a crossroads in your life where you aren’t sure which way to turn, consider working with a certified career coach and counselor to be your guide. No one should ever tell you what you should do – it will only disempower you. Your life and career path is your unique journey.  

It’s okay to get support to help steer you in the right direction. Your path will run its course; it’s never a straight line. 

When you are clear about who you are and where you want to go, you will have enough confidence to build momentum and carve a path that is yours to take. Not free from mistakes, yet, a clear path that has power and purpose and leads you towards a brighter future. 

You Deserve to Be Happy in Your Career

So take it from me who didn’t have the guidance that I am offering to you. Avoid going down one dead-end road after another and eroding your confidence more and more each time. Prevent yourself from digging yourself into a hole from which you have to escape.

And if you feel it might be too late, because you’ve experienced dead ends and what it’s like to get stuck in a hole that you created, well, it’s never too late to start anew! 

You deserve to be happy in your career and confident in your future. A career coach can help you get there.  Check out our career coaching and counseling services in Denver and worldwide.