Episode #59: How to Boost Your Online Presence and Get Hired

Boost Your Online Presence and Get Hired Faster!

Hey There, thanks for tuning into the Confident Careerist Podcast. I’m your host Teena Evert founder and CEO of CLAIM THE LEAD and today’s topic is about how to ditch your invisibility cloak so you can be seen and heard by the people that you want to serve, whether you’re a service provider, employee, job-seeker, or career changer!

There are 2 things that keep us playing small or stuck in rut. These are what drive people to hire me as their career coach. They lack clarity and confidence. I help my clients gain clarity and build confidence in who they want to be and what they want to do next along their career path, so they can make a great living doing work they love. 

Our digital or online presence is more important now than ever since we are limited to how much we can be out in the world, shaking hands or bumping elbows. Therefore, the content that you put out on the internet should be intentional. It should align with your personal brand and what you stand for, whether you’re a service-based business owner, gig worker, or employee. 

Your message and the platforms you’re on will be different depending on your specific role and industry. What we all have in common is that we have a message to share. It needs to be shared so that you can attract the right opportunities to grow your business or advance in your career.

  • Have you ever felt a bit wishy-washy about your message? 
  • Do you lack the clarity and the confidence to step up and be heard? 
  • Are you playing small and missing out on opportunities that you wish you had a chance to take full advantage of? 

My featured guest today will share ways that you can grow your confidence so you can step up and share your message clearly and serve the people or companies that you are meant to serve. 

“You can’t reach your dreams, if you keep playing small.” – Deb Coman

Today you’re going to learn how to build your courage and confidence muscle and it doesn’t involve wearing a mask or going to the gym. Thank goodness right, that combination is not very motivating. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 4 C Formula to empower yourself with confidence 
  • How to ditch the invisibility cloak so that you can be seen as an authority 
  • 3 Costly Content Mistakes Guide to help you crack the content conversion code 

Grab Deb’s 3 Costly Content Mistakes Guide to help you crack the content conversion code to confidently stand out online to attract what you want!

It’s essential that you improve your online presence if you want to stand out from your competition and get hired.

Until next time, Be Confident –