couple-arguingA Two-Decade Therapeutic Exploration –

I recently spoke with a woman who’s been on a long journey with therapy, spanning two decades. She reached out to me, a Marriage and Family Therapist, seeking help for a better relationship with herself and her second husband. When we delved into her past therapy experiences, she described mainly engaging in “talk” therapy—sitting down and discussing her problems.

Unveiling Past Therapeutic Experiences –

In reflecting on her journey, she shared that she discovered her own struggles, unhealed past trauma, unaddressed loss, and recurring relationship issues. Despite two decades of therapy, she hadn’t achieved her goals. Her current couple’s therapist, a social worker, offered both individual and couples therapy to her and her partner simultaneously (BTW a big no-no in clinical work), but this style and approach wasn’t helping her, leading her to discontinue sessions.

happy-coupleSpecialized Skills in Couples and Trauma Therapy –

Couples therapy and trauma therapy require specialized skills beyond individual therapy and general therapy. Offering both simultaneously to the same client, coupled with a cognitive approach to trauma, may not effectively address deep-seated wounds and could potentially be retraumatizing. It’s like shopping for salad ingredients in the bakery or seeking a psychiatrist for a torn ACL—misguided efforts.

man-in-distressMissteps in Therapy –

I feel disheartened that individuals and couples seeking help might be misinformed or led down paths that don’t tackle core issues or provide appropriate tools for healing. People are complex, and quick fixes don’t exist for emotional abuse, neglect, trauma, addiction, grief, or loss. We must also seek a therapeutic approach and interventions that will effectively help us with our presenting issues.

Crafting a Holistic Approach –

True healing demands a nuanced approach—time, care, and tailored support. When seeking professional help, understanding the therapist’s approach is crucial. Beyond common questions about cost and insurance, inquire about their therapeutic style, training, and strategy. Ensure their approach aligns with your needs, making the investment worthwhile.

couple-outside-happyEmpowering Your Therapeutic Journey –

Finding the right therapist may seem overwhelming, but asking specific questions early on empowers you. Start by being honest about your needs and inquire about the therapist’s experience with couples, training, approach to trauma, and personal philosophy.

Knowing these details ensures a better match, setting the stage for effective, transformative therapy.

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I promise you it will be time well spent whether we decide to work together or not. Wishing you well on your healing journey!