Episode #50: How to Gain Respect in the Workplace

Respect in the Workplace

Season IV is here and is inspired by a recent event in my life that reminded me once again of the importance of finding our voice, especially as women!

The theme of Season IV is Women’s Voices. Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Bold.

I believe women all have a desire to be heard. There’s a message inside each of us. It’s a positive part of your character, and when it’s identified and expressed in the world, it allows you to flourish.

Many of us feel stuck in our lives, whether it’s in our primary relationships an area of our physical, mental, or emotional health, or our career.

Find Your Voice to Gain Respect in the Workplace

The key to getting unstuck is to find your voice. Tap into the positive parts of your character that others can hear so you can feel more authentic in your everyday actions in the world.

I believe women all have a desire to be seen. Being seen can be more vulnerable than being heard. There is most likely a part of you that you want to see.  Another part that you don’t want to see. It creates a push and pull energy that can keep you at war with yourself. If you’re not aware of this, you will continue to engage in this dance and it will hold you back from reaching your full potential.

I believe women must be bold. It takes courage and tenacity to get onto a conscious path of personal growth and development. It will challenge you along the way. Getting out of your comfort zone is necessary to grow. Growth is about finding your voice, allowing yourself to be heard, and being bold in your actions to keep going – even when things get challenging.

Unfortunately, I can think of more personal examples of when I didn’t speak up, wasn’t seen, and therefore played small. As a result, I missed opportunities to grow and flourish. Instead, I stayed safe, small, and invisible. Boldness is the opposite of fearfulness. To be bold implies a willingness to get things done despite risks.

The risks of not being liked, being judged, being misunderstood, laughed at, humiliated, bullied, abused. It’s a bold move to take responsibility for being in your power. That’s right, owning your voice, holding your power, being powerful comes with great responsibility.

Claim Your Power to Gain Respect in the Workplace

You have to know how your power leads you and how it impacts those around you. I spent years being afraid of my strength because I didn’t know how to use this energy in a way that would not only benefit me but others as well.

I had to grow into my power, learn to embrace my power, and work with a mentor to help me to better understand how to use it to my advantage to go after my dreams and flourish.

Guess what? This journey to owning my power required me to find my voice and allow myself to be heard, be seen, and be bold.

I am demonstrating for you today on this podcast and the special guests that are attracted to be on The Confident Careerist Podcast Season VI Women’s Voices edition.

I intend to allow Season IV to unfold over time with no end in mind for when this Season will be complete, rather than have it be determined by the months on a calendar. I foresee it to go on until there is a natural pause and a significant shift into the birth of inspiration for the next Season.

I could share countless personal examples of when I outgrow something in my life. When I stayed too long feeling constrained because I wasn’t aware or wasn’t ready to change.

The most recent example is a professional relationship that, in the beginning, was supportive and encouraging. A foundation built on trust and the relationship allowed both of us to leverage our strengths to do our best work in the world.

Keep Growing to Gain Respect in the Workplace

What happened over time was I kept growing, evolving my skills and interests. My needs changed, and they no longer aligned professionally. I stayed a bit too long, knowing I had outgrown the relationship. I knew this because I felt restrained, confined with very little opportunity for growth. To stay engaged in this professional relationship would have required me to shrink.

I was just not willing to do that. The more I found my voice and expressed it. The more I was seen and was proud of it. The bolder I had to become to follow my authentic path forward and not stop where I would wither.

A pattern I have fallen into before, and the older I get, the wiser I become. I learned to spend less time and energy in relationships or situations that don’t support opportunities for me to grow into my full potential.

Plugging into the right support made all the difference to help me make the shift and step into bigger and better opportunities. It’s empowering and I love to help guide others to do the same – to be the support they need to make the shift that often leads to an incredible transformation.

Wherever you’re at on your journey, let me be your guide. As a career coach, I can help you have that job or career that lights you up, even on a Monday morning.

To gain respect in the workplace, especially as a woman you must be willing to be seen and heard and develop the skills to build your confidence and authority.

Let’s Chat! I am here for you and ready to support you in your personal growth and professional development.

In the next episode, Shanda K. Miller is the special guest who will be sharing her message about how to achieve your BIG goals and become a Super Leader!

Stay tuned…bye for now!