How to Manage Emotional Overwhelm


What do you do as a helper when you feel emotionally overwhelmed? What brings you back to your center?

As a sensitive helper, feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated when caring for others is not at all uncommon. However, these feelings are also a very good indicator that you are no longer grounded. Other symptoms of being ungrounded are feeling anxious, unsure, or having difficulty concentrating.

I will walk you through a simple and powerful grounding technique in today’s vlog. This new habit will increase your own emotional capacity so that you can become a more effective helper.

As a sensitive helper, you will need to develop a consistent grounding connection if you want to avoid burnout.

Learning to Ground

Learning to ground can help manage emotional overwhelm by allowing you to settle into yourself and shift into a calm mood, providing reassurance, self-compassion, and emotional regulation.

Grounding is a simple principle, and it’s easy to put into your meditation or daily awareness practice as an affirmation, visualization, feeling, or emotion. 

Once set into your system, it becomes a natural part of who you are and how you feel. In fact, over time, you will start to feel unnatural and uncomfortable when you are not fully grounded!

Try this grounding technique:

Plant your feet firmly on the ground from a seated position, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Come into the awareness of your body as you breathe.

Close your eyes and imagine walking through a lush, green forest, dropping down onto the mossy forest floor, and looking up at the tree tops while bathing in the filtered sunlight. Imagine that feeling and visualize dropping all resistance off your body into the earth.

As you become more attuned to pulses in energy, as a sensitive person, you will begin to feel heavier, denser, and more relaxed, bringing your emotions low to the ground with an overall sensation of being pulled down into the support of the earth. 

Gravity is a powerful, natural healing force that also increases your feeling of connection to something larger than yourself.

The Benefits of Grounding

The practice of grounding allows you to actively alter your mood and state of mind through affirmation and visualization.

As you serve others with your feet planted firmly on the ground, your centered attitude and emotional regulation will positively affect those in your care. 

The intent of grounding in daily life is to bring your highest level of integrity into your home, work, and community, affirming the intention of seeing and honoring the greater good in both yourself and others.

A strong grounding connection provides a stable base from which to operate in the world as a helper. It creates a feeling of centered awareness, clarity, and self-assurance. It allows you to be a natural healer and walk through the world with ease and grace.

About Teena

Teena Evert is an integral psychotherapist and a holistic-energy practitioner who supports the healing of empaths and sensitives who help others who are in pain and suffering.  She teaches her clients the essential skills to recover and heal from empathic distress and chronic burnout, so they can learn how to maintain a high level of health and well-being while caring for others.