Episode #34: How to Navigate a New Year (New Decade Pre-Pandemic)

New Year (New Decade Pre-Pandemic)

Welcome to the Confident Careerist Podcast for professionals just like you who place a high value on their career development and strive for success while also seeking work-life balance.

My name is Teena Evert and I am delighted to be your host. I’m a careerist myself and career development, leadership, and life coach. I love what I do and I hope that you enjoy the creation of this podcast and allow it to be an important tool in your toolbox that will help you to accelerate your success, gain greater confidence and happiness in your work-life.

It’s a New Year and a New Decade!

This is an opportunity for all of us to create a FRESH START, which means you can start a new year in a completely new and different way after perhaps being unsuccessful in certain areas of your life. It’s a big chance for you to start off with the intention to invest in your success by devoting quality time and energy toward your personal growth and professional development in the year 2020. I will be your guide to help you be both happy and successful at whatever it is you are intending to put your focus and energy towards this first month of the new year and new decade!

Let’s start off with a FRESH START and create a new and different way to improve your work-life.

Are you with me?

Okay, then we’ve got to set the stage if we want to experience something new and different this year. With that said, I have five very important questions for you. You’ll want to write these down. If you’re not in a place to write them down at the moment, don’t worry! I will provide a special link to these questions titled “FRESH START”, in the show notes.

Why is this important?

To create a FRESH START and approach things in your life in a new and different way, you must assess the things that you are no longer willing to tolerate, that drain your energy, and suck the living life right out of you.

This ensures that when it comes time to create momentum and move forward at a healthy pace, you won’t be stuck sitting at a hesitation station wondering why you have so much resistance to living a more meaningful life.

That’s what setting the stage for experiencing something new and different can do for you and what these 5 questions are designed for. They guide you down the right path that leads to greater success and happiness.

Are you still with me? Okay, good! I’m glad you’re still here.

I believe you can create an ideal work life. However, this requires taking full responsibility and accountability for your personal growth and professional development.

That means you have to become self-aware of what part you are playing in the narrative of your life and make a conscious choice to change whatever it is you keep complaining about. You will complain less if stop blaming others for your dissatisfaction. Yes, I know there are many things in life that are outside of your control AND there are many things that are also within your control.

Get clear on what is outside of your control and stop giving it your time and energy because it will drain you. Instead, get clear on what is within your control and focus your time, energy, and resources on changing this and only this. You’ve heard it before…and it’s still true in 2020! You can’t change another person you can only change how your respond to them or the situation.

Empower yourself and claim the lead in your life. Stop sitting in the passenger’s seat of your life being driven around to places you don’t even want to go. Take the wheel, pick your route and start traveling in the right direction. Let me be your guide!

I’d be happy to help. Why should you listen to me? Well, it’s your choice to do so or not of course, but I will share with you something that I am not particularly proud of, but it has led me here to do what I love and for that I am grateful.

Here’s something I have never shared before….Since graduating from college, I have changed careers 7, yes SEVEN TIMES!

And while I was working as a licensed mental health professional, I went through many career pivots in my 40’s.

What is a career pivot?

A career pivot is an act of finding a different career, which is still reliant on your current skills but helps you move into a new trajectory. … Often the draw of a career pivot, compared to a career change, is that you don’t have to restart at the bottom of the ladder. In the past 10 years, I have made probably about 5 pivots as I had the opportunity to specialize in different areas of the mental health field.NOW as a certified career and life coach, I feel I am on a solid path that I love and for once in my life, it feels easy. I’m in the flow and thoroughly enjoy helping people create their ideal career path that brings as much joy and meaning as mine does.

If you want to learn more about my career journey, please listen to Episode 33 – How I Found a Career That I Love. Before I reveal the five questions that will allow you to set the stage for your future happiness and success. I would like to spend a few minutes informing you about the distinctions between traditional psychotherapy and coaching.

The distinctions can be considered in 3 broad categories:

The first category is Past vs Future. There are different perspectives on the process. Therapy frequently focuses on the past and generally assumes the client has a problem that needs solving; coaching focuses on the future and assumes the client is whole and has the innate wisdom and tools to have a wonderful life.

The second category is Fix vs Create. There is a difference in why clients seek services. Clients generally seek a therapist as a resource to fix or eliminate their problems; clients seek a coach to assist them in getting more out of their lives or creating new possibilities in their lives.

The third category is the different characteristics of the helper-client relationship. Therapy clients generally see the therapist as an expert who holds the answers and techniques to fix their problems; coaching clients see the coach as a partner to support their growth and efforts to create an even better life than they have now.

Coaching is not about fixing; it’s about creating.”

As a licensed mental health professional who has fully transitioned into a career, life, and leadership coaching, I work with people who are more interested in designing a future rather than getting over a past.

Clients who want to live their life more fully both personally and professionally value having a personal coach. Because of this, professional men and women and entrepreneurial small business owners, hire me because they want their vocation to reflect their values.

I coach career-oriented early and mid-career professionals on how to develop, grow and advance along their career paths. I help men and women build the confidence they need to go after career dreams and live the life they envision for themselves.

My primary focus is on guiding and empowering them to make decisions and set goals based on knowledge of themselves and the market and take steps to realize their fullest potential.

Through a blend of coaching, counseling, proven step-by-step strategies and methods layered with direct feedback, and a holistic non-judgmental approach, I give my clients the specific tools they need to design and manage a career that provides greater flexibility, freedom, success, and happiness.

Asking Powerful Questions is one of the many tools I provide…

Here’s the first question:

  1. What are you no longer willing to tolerate in your life, work, and relationships? These are the things you typically complain about, resist and drain your energy.
  2. What are the things in your life, work, and relationships that you feel are going well for you right now? In other words, what is working for you?
  3. What would make these things even better for you? What needs to happen in order to improve these areas of your life?
  4. Where do you want to be in 3, 6, 12 months from now? What is the most important goal or big dream that you want to achieve?
  5.  What are the problems that need to be solved in order to get there?

BONUS QUESTION: What is your intention for this year?

This is just the beginning of your FRESH START so stay tuned for the next episode.