Episode #45: How to Navigate Life Transitions as You Age

Navigating Life Transitions

Love, Learn, Work, and Play as You Age

Today’s episode is about transitions through life and how to love, learn, work and play as you age. 

Dr. Nancy Schlossberg taught at Howard University, Wayne State, and was a tenured full professor at the University of Maryland, College Park for 27 years. She was the first woman executive at the American Council of Education (ACE) where she established the Office of Women in Higher Education (1973). She later served as a Senior Fellow at the American Council of Education’s (ACE’s) Center on Adult Learning.

Nancy developed the career transition theory and has done the research and written a number of books on this topic including the paths people take in retirement, the need to continually rebalance your Psychological Portfolio, and the bottom line, the need to “matter.” 

In this episode you will discover:

  • What makes the difference in how we handle a particular transition
  • The various paths that people take towards retirement
  • What it means to rebalance your psychological profile
  • Practical ways to continue to love, learn, work and play as you age

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