Episode #60: How to Overcome Career Burnout and Beat Cancer

Lessons Learned on How to Overcome Career Burnout & Beat Cancer

Hey There, thanks for tuning into the Confident Careerist Podcast. I’m your host Teena Evert Founder and CEO of CLAIM THE LEAD and today’s topic is about the myth that you have to work hard, to a burnout level, to be successful. 

  • How have you responded to an event that knocked you off your feet? 
  • How did this affect your self confidence?
  • How did you get up and put the pieces back together? 
  • How did this experience change the course of your life? 

My featured guest will share a significant event in her life that resulted in a reawakening and a career reinvention that required balance, rebuilding her confidence, and a reprioritization of what truly mattered in her life.

She shares her meaning of confidence, to believe in yourself, and share your gifts with the world. She thinks that everyone has something important to share, and confidence is what helps you stand up and speak your truth.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, she was surprised at how quickly and deeply her confidence was ripped from her and how long it took her to rebuild it.  She had been a self-confident, successful business professional, but when she heard the words “you have cancer”, that confidence vanished in an instant.  

She describes Cancer as crushing, both physically and, to my surprise, emotionally.  She shares that most people believe that after your cancer surgery, everything is “all better” and that you survived cancer.  But in reality, you survived one very important step, but healing the emotional wounds is a whole new ball game.  

She had to learn how to let go of her anger,  being afraid of everything, and carrying everyone else’s burdens.

Many lessons were learned and you’ll hear about some of them today on The Confident Careerist Podcast with special guest Geri Maroney.

I encourage you to check out Geri’s book, Beautiful Lady, a story of strength, courage, and confidence.  

Don’t buy the myth that you have to work to a burnout level in order to be successful.  There can, and more importantly, there MUST be a balance.  

You do not have to work your tail off to be successful. Geri shared that as a powerful, female executive, she paid the price.  She was on the road a lot attempting to strike a balance between work life and home life and eventually – burned out.  

There are several lessons that she learned from her experience of burnout, healing from cancer, and allowing for a reawakening and rebirth to get on a more balanced path forward in her life and career

Lesson One

Put yourself FIRST, or at least in the top three.  Do you know the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”?  That is so true.  There are a lot of women who live this challenge every day, but Geri says that as a cancer survivor, STOP IT.  Stop giving so much of yourself away to the point where you have nothing left for YOU.  YOU have to come first.  

Lesson Two

Identify and Follow Your Passions.  Life is so short, and Geri strongly encourages you to not wait for a crisis or to hear the worst three words in the English language “you have cancer”, before living your dream life.  Stop long enough to really identify what makes your heart happy and do more of it every day.  

Lesson Three

Don’t wait till things are perfect to start something, or change your life, or whatever it may be.  GO DO IT NOW.  If you are wanting to change things in your career – Trust yourself, get it 80% of the way there and figure out the rest along the way.

Lesson Four

Find a Community and THRIVE.  It is so true that “together we are stronger”.  Geri shared that when you fight something hard like cancer, you find out quickly that there are people just like you who are fighting the same (or even harder) battles every day.  We can help each other.  We can draw strength from one another and be both a teacher and a student.  

I agree Communities are so important, both for our personal lives and for our professional lives.  Find your tribe. Get involved and help make the world a better place.  Share your authentic self.  The world needs YOU to speak out, speak out, and take a stand for what matters most to you in this one life you have to live. 

And until next time, Be Confident!