Episode #86: How to Repurpose and Change Your Career After 50

How to Change Your Career After 50

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Welcome back to The Confident Careerist Podcast. Today I'd like to introduce you to my featured guest. Her name is TK and she is a motivational speaker, holistic wellness coach, author, and founder of Lifestyle 120, a transformational business that prepares seasoned women for living an authentic life. Now after overcoming her own health challenges, and not willing to retire the traditional way, TK has dedicated her second half to preparing women for their next act. She is passionate about helping women find purpose in retirement, and showing them how to release limiting beliefs and reclaim their health, their confidence, their purpose, and power so they can flourish in their second half. TK, you are my kind of girl. Welcome to The Confident Careerist Podcast. I'm excited about our conversation today. Thank you for taking the time out of your Wednesday. Today is Wednesday when we're recording this.

TK Mitchell 1:31

Well thank you for inviting me, Teena.

Teena Evert 1:34

You're welcome. So I am very curious to learn more about how you define or describe a seasoned woman.

TK Mitchell 1:45

Yes, well, a seasoned woman is a woman who has approached midlife. And rather than call everybody seniors, I'd like to go with experienced, seasoned. I'm a woman who is 50 and over. And of course, I'm, you know, thinking about the negative determinant for age, and we certainly want to sponge that out. But yes, when I when I mentioned seasoned women mature and seasoned women, I'm talking about women who are 50 and over.

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Well, then I would be a seasoned woman, I just turned five O.

TK Mitchell 2:34


Teena Evert 2:36

And, you know, I have to say I I feel that perhaps this next decade is going to be a very rich one because I've learned a lot, not that I'm not going to continue learning. But it's like all of a sudden, when I turned five O, 50. I was like, you know, I can say I feel really confident in my skin. I really care less certain, certainly about what other people think or say way less than I did in my 30s for sure and maybe my 40s.

TK Mitchell 3:08

Yes, I understand. I for our listeners, if anybody is thinking like, oh, I'm 50 now, what am I supposed to do? Well, I don't know, you know it every, every decade I think is really significant for all of us. And I think this is the perfect time to reinvent ourselves. I would mention saying that many of our listeners probably have more choices now than they had say, maybe 10, 20 years ago.

Teena Evert 3:39

And I would say at any age we can reinvent ourselves. But it's so interesting when we round that corner of five zero, the big one. And umm

TK Mitchell 3:47


Teena Evert 3:48

Some people might have the mindset that their life is now going downhill. It's over. And some people can be really excited about that second half of their life and more intentional and purposeful. So this is an interesting conversation. I never really thought of myself as a seasoned woman, but I'll go with it. Seasoned woman, 50 plus experienced and mature. Perfect time to reinvent myself. Now, TK, I would love to hear a little bit more about your career journey. I know what you're up to now isn't what you've always been up to. So please feel free to share some significant parts of your career journey.

TK Mitchell 4:26

The second half that I'm living now really kind of started right around the time I was getting to getting ready to kind of restructure my life, repurpose my life. And it was after caring for my mother and overcoming my own health issues naturopathically and then wondering at that time, what the future held after my 32-year public teaching career, I started thinking about what's next. And I wanted answers that then I began contemplating, is it possible for a middle-aged woman to become more prosperous in every area of her life. And if so, what would be the secrets to her success? So you see, I, I knew that I didn't want to retire the same way my colleagues and relatives had retired in the past. I was certain that there was more important work for me to do to continue my life of service but in a different way. So I went back to school, and got health certified, blended my love of teaching and wellness, and started my holistic coaching and motivational speaking business at the age of 62. Because I wanted to inspire like you, my turn, mature and seasoned women, to step into their power and achieve what was most important to them that I used my experiences, and success to create a program, a comprehensive and sustainable and power program for them specifically designed to prepare courageous women for a beautiful second half. So my vision is to show women how to release the negative mindset, I'm too old to pursue my passions, my best years have passed, I'm not good enough or smart enough, you know, those negative mindsets that then take up actually make a positive mental shift to reclaim their health and their confidence and their purpose in their power so they can be amazing in their next chapter. So I know that if a woman wants to experience more joy and more prosperity, in the second half of her life, she must tap into the secret tools that will lead to her success.

Teena Evert 6:37

Hmm, that's beautiful. And I have to say that I have a lot of clients come to me who are in their 30s, early 30s who are telling me they're too old. So I just want to say that if you're a listener, and you're in your 30s, and you're thinking, wait a minute, you're talking about seasoned women, I feel that way. Whatever it, whatever that mindset is that, you know, the limiting mindset that keeps you playing small or keeps you from not living the life that brings you joy and prosperity, then working on those limiting beliefs is going to be crucial.

TK Mitchell 7:19

Yes, yes, absolutely.

Teena Evert 7:21

So do it now in your 30s, because there's going to be more obstacles all along the way. And then when you get to be seasoned, those obstacles become opportunities to shine. They're not humongous boulders, they're like, I can do that. And we find a way.

TK Mitchell 7:36

Mmm hmm. Absolutely. I mean, the secret tools really, that I'm talking about are applicable to the younger set, to a man or a woman, no matter how old but I think that when we get older, we start thinking like you said, about this is a critical time in my life, What am I supposed to do now? And so if have been, you know, following the model up to up to this point, certainly there would be opportunities, but it's never too late. Wherever you are, you can start. You know, learning how to improve yourself, and preparing yourself for your next stage in life.

Teena Evert 8:19

Yeah, it's so important. Now share a bit about how you overcame your health challenges.

TK Mitchell 8:24

Oh, gosh. The critical thing for me, and I know people hear this often, but I want to explain it, the critical thing for me was to get out of my own way. And I know that people hear that a lot. But what I mean by that is it's important to have goals and intentions. But because we don't know everything, we must be open to the higher plan. And getting out of our way means being flexible, patient, resilient, and open to possibilities that cross our paths and that will lead us to more magnificent opportunities. We can practice being receptive by spending sacred time with ourselves. A lot of people feel they're too busy to do that. But it's crucial, spending sacred time with yourselves, which includes quiet reflection, establishing a consistent spiritual practice, and spending time in nature. And getting out of your own way also means releasing our view of perfectionism and to stop shooting on ourselves constantly, of being open to a journey of learning and growing yet as I like to share an example after I don't like to use the word retirement, it sounds like the end.

Teena Evert 9:53

I don't think I'll ever retire.

TK Mitchell 9:55

Right? never retire. But I like to use the word graduate. So after I say, after I graduated from my teaching career, I thought my second half was about doing more of the same. So initially, I considered a path that was safe and comfortable, you know, what I had already known. For example, I started tutoring at an Adult Education Center at my local community college, a great way to get back but not the right fit for me at that particular time in my life. Then one of my colleagues and I explored the idea of starting our own reading clinic, and that idea fizzled, and I even considered, going back to school to get my Ph.D. and curriculum and instruction. So I could develop programs for student teachers, I encountered major resistance there, too. That was fun looking back, Teena. Because looking back, I realized now I didn't know that at the time, I realized now that I was being divinely guided, those initial ideas were too much of the same thing, and too small for me. And so in my second half, I was supposed to use all of my strengths and talents in a different way to do a new thing. So a long story short. I went through a process of exploring and meditating on the meaning of the signs that the universe was placing on my path. And what I wound up doing is combining my love of teaching, my longtime passion for health and wellness, and my experience developing curriculum, while at the same time strengthening a deeper relationship with spirit. And what I'm doing now is a manifestation of all that.

Teena Evert 11:44

Wow, that's beautiful. I'm so glad you took the time to listen, and reflect and remain open to how your career would unfold, and not being so attached to the outcome. That's a great example of that. And it does require trust and patience, trust in ourselves, trust in the universe. Patience, for me patience. Like you know, a lot of people want things to happen yesterday. The journey is the patience along the journey is worth it.

TK Mitchell 12:17

It is a journey. Right. And how does the saying go? It's not about the destination?

Teena Evert 12:24


TK Mitchell 12:25

Yeah, right. So yeah, learning and growing through the journey.

Teena Evert 12:29

Yeah. So I love how you combine your love for teaching, your passion for health and wellness, your connection to your faith, your spirit and you know, your ability to provide. I mean now you have this program, your program, what is your program called that you offer?

TK Mitchell 12:46

Yes, my program is called Sprout Your New Life. Sprout Your New Life is is an evergreen program. It's an online spiritually based empowerment program for mature and discerning women who are ready to release negative belief patterns and make the second half of their life their best years. And our comprehensive curriculum is based on a system of fundamental universal truths that can be applied to everyday living to promote growth, transformation, success, covering all aspects of a woman's life, including lifestyle, relationships, purpose, and more. Our program is designed to uncover all the roadblocks that may be keeping a woman from moving forward.

Teena Evert 13:37

Sounds wonderful. It sounds like it's something like a passion project.

TK Mitchell 13:41

Oh, it is it's a passion. And I say you know, invite people who want to learn more about it to visit lifestyle120.com. Yeah, and join other women who are ready to excel in their second half and live the life they've always wanted. Yeah, this is my passion. I, I believe that this is what I'm supposed to do with this particular point. So I have rededicated my life and say dedicated my life to lifting women.

Teena Evert 14:11

But thanks for sharing that. It's, it's it sounds like a very comprehensive and holistic program, and women who are part of the program can be part of a community. And it's important, I think, at all stages of our lives, but particularly maybe when we're seasoned to not go it alone without going through any major change. You're trying to repurpose your life or reinvent your life. I think it's really important to connect with other people, that you can continue to be stimulated by and learn and grow from.

TK Mitchell 14:39

Absolutely. We need people by our side to hold our hand, support us and, you know, learn from their experiences and they can give us tips on our growth in our journey. Absolutely.

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TK Mitchell 14:52

Personally, I've transformed myself many times over the last just 10 years and what I have learned is that in order to increase our chances of living a long fulfilling life, seven key lifestyle elements must be practiced in order to grow and flow. And I've learned this through my journey. And so that's why I'm sharing it. Now the first one is we need to nourish our bodies with fresh, wholesome, vitamin-rich meals, making a conscious decision to avoid those highly processed foods that are laden with salt, and fat and sugar, and preservatives. That's the first one. And the second, establishing a regular fitness routine. I know people hear this all the time, but we're talking about a regular fitness routine and committing to it. Our bodies were meant to move and devising a plan to move more will help to keep it working properly. The third is getting proper sleep, getting your rest, we need to be well-rested, and in order to accomplish our daily task, right?

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TK Mitchell 16:01

Yeah. And the fourth is the importance of a comfortable and inspiring living space that's free of clutter and toxicity. We want to make sure that our surroundings are conducive to inner peace and creativity. Fifth is nurturing healthy and meaningful relationships, keeping in touch with those we care about. And also not only that but building new friendships.

Teena Evert 16:28

Mm hmm.

TK Mitchell 16:28

And six is generously giving of ourselves through community service. And the seven lifestyle elements in pursuing our interests and dreams. That's what keeps us relevant, and passionate about life. And I believe that committing to these lifestyle components will promote health and wholeness and enable us to lead a full life. All these elements are intimately connected. For instance, if a woman or man for that matter, wants to improve their overall health, they'll need to do more than eat nutritious foods. See, the lifestyle components I've learned must be aligned in order to reap the benefits of optimal health. And so that's the seven. But now, the juicy part here, the underlying internal system universal truths, that that's sort of like the secret sauce here. And so I think that none, none of the seven lifestyle elements I mentioned, are sustainable, without the spiritual component. And so I believe that in order to experience whole health and to fulfill the desires of the heart, a lifeline must be circulating through our everyday experiences. And this lifeline is an internal system of fundamental universal truths and is the essence of my messaging. So So what is it exactly? It's love and compassion, that we apply that to nutrition. So it's love and compassion, it is your thoughts and words, it's accepting responsibility and honoring your commitment to the choices you make in life, it's trusting and believing, and is having courage and passion, getting excited again, and again and again, about the rest of your life. It is about expectations and planning and being open to becoming vibrant, during your next stage in life. And I show women how to access this internal support system, and apply it to daily living, and fertilize their consciousness with the substance that will allow them to grow and flow. And it's interesting because I say based on my observations and conversations with many women seeking optimal health, the missing link to sustainable success seems to be spirituality. So that body, mind, spirit connection has become the main ingredient to my formula for wellness, and the critical component to living a long satisfying life.

Teena Evert 19:19

Wow, I love your life's work, really, and your passion project and how you've been able to take your own life experience and put it into a formula or a system of steps that you can communicate to others and teach them and inspire them to live a life that is vibrant and flourishing. And what's interesting is when people come to me because they're stuck in their career, they don't know what to do next, or they're not aware of what their options are. It's interesting because, from a holistic perspective, we'll talk about a lot of these different aspects, and the reason why is because if someone is not sleeping or taking care of themselves, or in an environment that is nourishing and brings relaxation and peace, and all these things that you mentioned, then it makes it so much more difficult to get clarity on that path. Yes. So it's like you could start anywhere, but they all are interconnected. And it is a holistic approach to really take care of your spirit, take care of your body, take care of your mind, take care of yourself. And I say claim the lead, which means get in the driver's seat of your life. So that you're making choices that are within your control, and you're going in the directions that you want to go in. And it's exciting, you know what it's like when you go on a road trip to play a place you want to go, you have somewhat of a plan, maybe you're not so attached to how you're going to get there, you know, who you might meet, or what kind of weather you might run into, or what, what magical things might happen. And there's this, you got your windows rolled down and you got your music on. And there's this energy, this newness, this excitement that happens?

TK Mitchell 21:13


Teena Evert 21:14

And your program gave me that vision of like, this doesn't have to be hard, this can really be an opportunity to repurpose, reinvent, redo, rebirth, re whatever, recharge,

TK Mitchell 21:30

And like I said, it's never too late. And we all have choices, but knowing that sometimes even if one, if one of the seven versus your relationships is not going that well, then you sort of feel out of sync. But when that, you know, when that is restored with everything else, maybe you feel like yes, you know, I think I can move forward now. You know, there's sort of like a weight lifted off your shoulders. But you know, I think if people get really stuck on the goal, I think when people establish goals, for example, to improve certain aspects of their lives, they often approach the one goal was like losing weight or going to the gym and working. They approach it in isolation. So many are looking for immediate results without a conscientious plan, which could be a temporary solution to a much bigger concern. For example, you know, here, here we are in almost approaching June, we're in the middle of May now. And I like to ask our listeners like how are those new year's resolutions going? Why is it that after a few weeks, many people find themselves making excuses about honoring their commitment, or resort to even set self-sabotaging behavior? Why don't their efforts have long-term effects? Perhaps it's because there's no conscientious spiritual foundation to support their growth. You know, our physical world reflects our consciousness, but one must change their inner programming by reframing their thoughts and words in order to experience desired results.

Teena Evert 23:06

Thank you for being a leader in that space. I think that as we're seasoned women, and you're able to articulate that so clearly, I hope it lands and a lot of our listeners no matter what age they are, that this creation of building your ideal career, building your ideal life, it's inner, it starts with our inner work. It's an inside job, knowing who you are before what it is you want to do is often when I'll tell people when they're like, I don't know what to do next. I don't know what to do next. And all that fear of procrastination, disconnection from themselves, disconnection from their purpose, it's like comes back to just slowing down and building a nice foundation from which to build upon. So wow, thank you for that. Now I am wanting to move into a Career Confidence round. These are three questions I asked all my featured guests. And TK I just want you to respond with whatever the first thing is that comes to mind. And so here's the first one. Are you ready?

TK Mitchell 24:16

I'm ready.

Teena Evert 24:17

All right. So I want you to imagine that you were your younger self. And if you could have received one piece of critical advice or inspiration, when you were just starting your career, what would it be?

TK Mitchell 24:32

I would say not to try to force things. When I look back. Because I really I mean, I'm the used to be the classic control freak. The oh definitely. I mean it was all about you know it this way, my way or no way. This is what I have in mind and this one is going to be so there's a lot of resistance and control back in the day. And so I would say just kind of relax. And I know it's easier said than done. But this is coming from a person who's lived all those decades. But not try to force you to have your goals and your ideas, you know your intentions. But just be open to what comes and try it on and experience it. And if it works wonderful, if you know, you're going to build on that. If it didn't, that was an interesting and important lesson as well. Because now you know, that's wasn't something that you were interested in at the time. And it's something that maybe, you know, maybe something that you may not want to pursue at this particular time. So I have to be open to that. But I'd say yes, just don't fight it. Don't mean don't fight. It, just relax and roll with it.

Teena Evert 26:02

Yeah, love that. I could have used that advice when I was young. Just relax and roll with it and understand that, you know, it's not a linear path, like, you are going to learn lessons all the time and being open and flexible as is important. So

TK Mitchell 26:19

And I would say, patience, patience, the big p-word patience, capital P, for sure.

Teena Evert 26:27

All right. The second question is, what would be the one thing that you would recommend our listeners to do to gain confidence and build a meaningful career?

TK Mitchell 26:38

Okay, a couple of things come to mind. One to build confidence. This may seem like something people, I mean, may not seem like a good answer for some people, but just hear me out here. One is to spend quiet time with yourself. Because it's in our quiet spaces, that we're able to really see things a little bit more clearly. And even if we're going through a challenging time, that's the perfect time for you at that particular time. Because I've learned that, you know, my epiphanies have really come out of my mess. And to embrace those because it leads to bigger things. The other thing that I would recommend is to be a lifelong learner. And I think it's really important not to get too stale. You may be really good at what you do. You're an expert in your field. But continue learning, make sure that you are participating and offerings of whether it's a weekend class or seminar, or working on another certificate if that's what you want to do. But focus on improving yourself. Self-improvement, I think is really what I want, to highlight here. And much of that comes from lifelong learning.

Teena Evert 28:07

Definitely, and tapping into things that energize you. Yeah. Wonderful. That's great, great advice, great recommendations. Now, the third question is, what is a tip or a strategy to help someone who feels stuck in their career? What was a tip or a strategy to help someone get unstuck in their career, their job that they don't like? Or maybe even a job search?

TK Mitchell 28:34

And you know that that's a pretty deep question because everyone is so unique and different, it would kind of depend on the person. But I would say, again, you know, talking about spending time with ourselves, and in that quiet time, if you're feeling like you're stuck in your career, I think one of the things you can start doing right now, not knowing you, but one of the things that you could start doing is to journal daily about your attributes, what it is that makes you tick, what are your strengths? What are your gifts and talents? And on the other side of each of those, you may come up with a list of five or six or maybe 30. How you can tap into resources to bring those forward? What is it that you could do to maybe showcase those, for example, I'll just take the top maybe the top three or four from your list of 30, and how you can showcase those so that might be a start?

Teena Evert 29:39

I love that, you know, it's there's a theme here that I'm hearing from you and some of my other guests recently and that is this importance of turning inward to quiet your mind to spend time with yourself and self reflect on who you are and what is it that energizes you. Who do you want to become, how do you want to show up in the world, all these things, you know who, connecting to you. What are your aspirations? And the other part, which is part of the theme of our conversation today too, is connecting to others to spirit or to others who can lift you up, who can be positive influences in your life that perhaps have are seasoned and have a bit more experience, then they can guide you not tell you what to do, to guide you, to ask you powerful questions to help you make empowered decisions. So I love this.

TK Mitchell 30:37

Yeah, I think that's really important Teena. Because I, you know, I, one of the reasons why I got into this work is because I was interested in building my own community, of an extended family, so to speak. So yes, I think I think community, family is very important. Whether you have you know, relatives or not, building community is really important to your growth.

Teena Evert 31:02


TK Mitchell 31:03

Go about doing that.

Teena Evert 31:05

Yeah. Wow. Well, thank you. Now, TK, I'm wondering if you can share with our listeners how they might learn more about you and your work.

TK Mitchell 31:13

Oh, thank you. Yes, I want women to know that they can overcome current challenges, reinvent themselves and evolve into the most amazing and dynamic individuals they were meant to be, and have fun doing it. So I'd like to say to our listeners, if my message resonated with you today, I invite you to visit my website, lifestyle120.com, and sign up for my complimentary weekly newsletter to get inspiration, wellness tips, recipes, and more. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. And a reminder, as you said Teena earlier, no transformational journey requires guidance and support. And if you feel that you're ready to plant the seeds for your future, check out our Sprout Your New Life program. It's our life-affirming program that can help nourish, transform and position you to flourish in your second half, that's on my website as well.

Teena Evert 32:16

Beautiful, thank you. And I will be sure to provide the links to all those ways to connect with you and follow you in the show notes. And I want to encourage our listeners to check that out. And I will as well. Now one last question for you TK, well, maybe there's one more golden nugget of wisdom that you'd like to share with our listeners.

TK Mitchell 32:40

I would say today is Wednesday. You know what day it is that's you know what day this is? Do not procrastinate any longer. If you have ideas about what you want to do, today is the only day you have to make some changes. So move forward starting today. You know, like say just step forward and get started on your journey of making, you know, a small transformation, it doesn't have to be huge. But one small step leads to another bigger step. And then and then when you know, you look around and you go "Wait a minute, I've really come a long way". So I would say do not procrastinate any longer. Get started today.

Teena Evert 33:30

I love that. And it reminds me of a conversation I had with someone yesterday who wanted to want coaching, wanted guidance, wanted to get unstuck so badly. But she was more committed to getting ready to get ready to get, ready to get ready. I just need to know myself more. In order to get clear. Sometimes we're too close to the problem. We need a community, we need support, we need some guidance. We need someone to help us see things a little bit differently. You know, I had one guest on a show one time say, you know how you get unstuck. Yeah, like push yourself around, you got to like, you know, nudge your way out of something. You know, it's kind of messy. And then out of that mess, as you said comes some clarity. Yeah. So it's like whatever it is that one little step, have the courage to take it. And then take the next one and the next one. And sometimes we go a few steps back and that's okay. As long as you're clear about that you're wanting to change and you're wanting to move forward and you're wanting to live a better life.

TK Mitchell 34:33

Exactly. I agree. 100% Absolutely. Get started today. Stop getting ready to get ready.

Teena Evert 34:40

Hey, yeah. Well, TK it's been a pleasure talking to you today. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom of being a seasoned woman on The Confident Careerist Podcast.

TK Mitchell 34:52

Thank you so much.

Teena Evert 34:57

This episode of The Confident Careerist Podcast has ended. But be sure to share, subscribe, rate and review so that we can continue to bring you the best content and head over to teenaevert.com for additional information and resources.

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Release the negative mindsets that you are too old to pursue your passions.”

– T. Kari Mitchell

Meet T. Kari Mitchell (TK) she is a motivational speaker, holistic wellness coach, author, and founder of Lifestyle 120, a transformational business that prepares seasoned women for living an authentic life. She is passionate about helping women find purpose in retirement and showing them how to release limiting beliefs and reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can flourish in their second half.

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