Episode #67: How to Revive Your Career and Thrive

Revive Your Career

In an era where ‘hustling’ is the leading message for professional women, I want to shift the conversation to explore the #1 career growth tactic you need to master. It’s not mindset), it’s authentic confidence.

Let me explain what I mean by authentic confidence. It means that you feel comfortable in your skin, you’re not fighting with yourself about the way you look on the outside or how you feel on the inside. 

The strength of your authentic confidence grows by how well you relate to yourself on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. 

Knowing yourself and taking care of your best self is something that we develop and learn how to do over time. Oftentimes we learn through trial and error. When we experiment with different things in our life we go through a natural self-discovery process. The process helps us to determine our interests, passions, preferences, etc. 

Think about how you learned to like or dislike certain foods. You tried certain foods and gave it either a thumbs up or thumbs down. The food you didn’t like you probably never tried again and the foods you liked you probably figured out how to get more of. 

So let’s apply this same scenario to your career. Think back to your very first job. It might be way, way back for most of you listening. Whenever it was and whatever it was that you did for that first job you most likely discovered some skills that you really enjoyed and others that you truly did not. 

You were also developing your confidence at this time. You may have noticed how you felt when you were learning skills that you enjoyed doing. You may have even sought out opportunities to further develop these skills and continued to grow your skillset and working identity. 

You probably repeated a similar pattern of self-discovery in all the jobs that you have held up until this exact point in time and I hope that your confidence has also grown along with your professional development.

This is the best scenario: Where we start off our career with job opportunities that allow for self-exploration and discovery. Roles that are encouraging and help us develop skills that we need to grow and thrive along our career path. Experiences that invite experimentation to seek out our true interests and passions. 

This best scenario would set us on a path of success, meaning our career path is rich with opportunities for continued growth that fosters satisfying work and meaningful, well-lived life. 

Yet, all too often our once clear path becomes murky and we lose our way. Things that can murk it up are falling into a pattern of fueling your decisions by what we think we “should” do or what others may be pressuring us to do to succeed. This will derail you every time and lead to a disconnect from your true interests and passions. Your authentic confidence will begin to grow weak rather than strong. 

I know first hand what it’s like to be trailblazing down on a path that is leading into a bright future, then what seems to occur all of a sudden is a storm rolls in and I can’t see more than 3 feet in front of me. At this point, I stop moving because I can no longer see a clear path forward. 

Although it seemed as if a storm came out of nowhere and clouded my way, it had been building for some time. I just wasn’t paying attention because I didn’t recognize the warning signs. I also wasn’t prepared for inclement weather. So not only did I get suddenly stopped in my tracks, I suffered greatly because I did not have the resources to thrive. I went into survival until I could get reconnected with myself and the tools I needed to get back onto my unique path. 

I know many others who have experienced a similar scenario and have remained lost for years and didn’t really know it until a light bulb went off in their minds. They started to connect the dots and realize that their symptoms of burnout, feeling tired, lost, uncertain, scared, and confused were because they got off course. They were heading down the wrong path that kept them operating in deep survival. 

The good news is that once we recognize that we have gone off track we can create a plan to begin getting ourselves back on track again where we are able to flourish. Where we once again feel energized and confident in our ability to move forward and make well-informed decisions. 

It doesn’t matter if you have been lost for days, weeks, or years you can get clear, gain confidence and build momentum towards creating a positive and profitable career. 

If you have felt stuck in the wrong job or career for a long time then reviving your career might take a bit longer until you have the pieces in place to charge forward. But I caution you to not try to get ahead prematurely, you most likely need to go back to the mindset of self-discovery and exploration and experiment a bit with what you are truly interested in pursuing. Our interests, passions, and desires change over time. 

Our personal life experiences shape our professional life and taking the time to fully reinvent your working identity if you’re going for a significant career change is essential. 

If you haven’t been so lost and are just starting to ask yourself, “Am I doing what is right for me, and should I change direction?” then reviving your career may not take as much renovation and you can be moving forward with a renewed sense of clarity and boost in your authentic confidence in no time. 

No matter how long and how far you have fallen off track, I can help you get back on track. There are 2 things I can promise you in our work together. 

#1 – I can help you revive your career and get clear about how to plan for your future without feeling overwhelmed and confused about your next steps. 

#2 – From our work together you will go from feeling stuck and unsure to feeling excited and confident, as you gain clarity and learn how to build momentum in your career. 

Get Clear About Your Career

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So COVID happened. We all received a huge dose of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. We have all been dealt a hand of loss and disappointment. Don’t let that keep you stuck under a storm cloud. Get the support you need and that I can provide to burn up the storm clouds and begin to feel the sun on your face again – revive your career.

Authentic Confidence is the inner light that guides you in life and supports you through all the ups and downs and twists and turns along your path. 

The time is now to revive your career and your life and I am here to help you do just that. 

Until next time- Please take the very best care of YOU!