How to Take Care of Your Energy


As a helper who’s also highly sensitive and empathic, you tend to feel A LOT.

I get you!

You might feel good, open, and uplifted before going to help someone, then afterwards, you feel low, heavy, sad, or drained and tired.

What happened? Well, you directly picked up on the feelings of the person you were helping and carried them home with you!

As a sensitive helper, it is CRUCIAL to learn about our limits and how long we can spend in the energy of someone we are serving, so we can balance our energy and positively impact others.

As helpers, it is critical to notice when we are taking on other people’s energies and emotions AND to practice releasing the energy and emotions that do not serve us. 

When we aren’t conscious of how we’re feeling (energetically and emotionally), we can get immersed in all kinds of frequencies and energies that aren’t necessarily lifting us up or opening us out but instead are closing us down and making us smaller.

This ultimately can cause harm to ourselves and also severely limit the significance we can have when helping others.

The bottom line is that we must learn to be effective guardians of our energy. 

Here are a few tips for mastering your own energy so that you can serve others better.


Take the time to learn about yourself and become aware of how energy and emotions move through you so that you can be conscious of your own energy needs. 

You can create an energy barometer and ask yourself, “Is what I am feeling right now helpful to me?” Do I really need to continue to carry this? How can I shift this or move any energy that feels stuck in me?”

Can you put some music on? Dance around the house? Take a walk? Meditate?

Your body and your energy are your home. Get curious about how you want to feel in your body and what you need to serve others who are suffering and in pain.


Knowing how and when to release energies and emotions that are not yours AND knowing when to call on energies and emotions that are yours will strengthen your impact as a helper.

So what are you ready to release in yourself? What energies, emotions, or old ways of relating and being do you need to let go of to fortify your relationship with yourself and others as a helper?

When you release any energies and emotions that are not yours, you return to your own light and life force. So you want to clean and clear your light the same way we would clean and clear a messy room in our house. When you do this regularly, you feel refreshed and re-energized. Your light is brighter, and your life force is strong.

When we carry the feelings, worries, and cares of others, our energy gets weighted down. This can limit our connection to things like abundance, strength, power, and love –  all things that are essential when caring for others without burning up our energy and burning totally out.

As a helper, there will be times when you feel off balance and not clear how you got there. That’s okay. With practice, you can strengthen your energy awareness and learn how to re-center and reset yourself to avoid burnout and sustain the powerful and meaningful work you do in the world as a helper.

About Teena

Teena Evert is an integral psychotherapist and a holistic-energy practitioner who supports the healing of empaths and sensitives who help others who are in pain and suffering.  She teaches her clients the essential skills to recover and heal from empathic distress and chronic burnout, so they can learn how to maintain a high level of health and well-being while caring for others.