Episode #62: How to Trust Your Intuition And Make The Right Decisions

How to Trust Your Intuition

Today’s featured guest is Debra Valentina, owner of Creativing. She is an intuitive business and life coach for female entrepreneurs and executives, an international inspirational speaker, and a three-time published author who can help you learn to trust your intuition and make good decisions in your personal and professional life.

Her memoir “Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy” was published in March 2020 by Write Path Publishing.

Debra believes that confidence is the power of leading your life and decisions by knowing yourself and what you value. Her confidence grew when forced to make tough decisions in her professional life.

I this episode, we talk about:

  • How to trust your intuition and start making the right decisions that align with your values.
  • When to trust your “NO” and what happens when you don’t.
  • How to listen and act on your “knowingness.”

Debra is offering you a free clarity call where you can bring a personal or professional issue that you’re grappling with and haven’t been able to solve on your own. In the clarity call, you’ll get an insight or an Aha about the issue that brings clarity!