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Teena Evert

Meet Teena Evert

As a licensed mental health professional who has fully transitioned into career, life and leadership coaching, I work with people who are more interested in designing a future - rather than getting over a past.

Clients who want to live their life more fully both personally and professionally value having a personal coach. Because of this, professional men and women and entrepreneurial small business owners, hire me because they want their vocation to reflect their values. 

Hi, my name is Teena Evert and I coach career-oriented early, mid, and late career professionals on how to develop, grow and advance along their career path. I help men and women build the confidence they need to go after career dreams and live the life they envision for themselves. 

As a holistic career development practitioner, my primary focus is on guiding and empowering my clients to make decisions and set career goals based on knowledge of their character strengths, true interests, passions and transferable skills.

Through a blend of coaching, counseling, proven step-by-step strategies and methods layered with direct feedback and a non-judgmental approach, I give my clients the specific tools they need to design and manage a career that providers greater flexibility, freedom, success and happiness!


career transitions, career change, career pivot, job change, job search, burnout recovery, work-life balance, discovering your life purpose and finding meaningful work

My Story

"When I was in high school and college, I didn’t have any career guidance, nor did I have anyone in my life asking me powerful questions to help me discover, develop and design a life and career path that I desired."

"Throughout these formative years, I was truly lost. Fortunately, because I am naturally curious, creative and have a love for learning, I invested in myself and tried a lot of new things."

"The downside was that I wasted a lot of time and valuable resources making poor decisions along my career path. If I would have had someone to engage with and trusted to challenge and guide me, I would have been much more proactive, confident, clear and conscious in my career choices."

"Out of my experience of not having this powerful person in my life, I am super passionate about helping people identify WHO they are by exploring their natural character strengths, values, interests and unique skill sets, so that they can discover, develop and define WHAT they want to do, whether they are just starting out or looking for a mid-career or midlife change."

"As a licensed mental health profession for over 15+ years, I have experience working therapeutically with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, chronic stress and grief that comes with job loss, life/career transitions. As a career-centered life coach, I help my clients get unstuck, recover from job burnout, and identify solutions to their barriers, so that they can move forward fearlessly into a bright future of their own design."

"I believe we all need guidance to help us unlock our possibilities and gain valuable knowledge about what our career options are. I believe that not only is it essential to access our natural talents, it’s also important to understand our challenges and identify blind spots, so that we can continue to grow and evolve personally and professionally."

"I didn’t have the guidance when I was starting out and I didn’t even know that there were career development practitioners that I could go to for help. It would have saved me a lot of time and an enormous amount of money, if I’d had support in making important life decisions at a young age and into my young adult years. Now that I am in my midlife, I love to offer guidance to those who want to discover a clear direction and be conscious about designing a career path that supports who they are and want to be."

My client’s will frequently tell me, “You nailed it when you said ________.” I am known for my keen insight that assists clients in the process of unlocking their possibilities to find a career that they can love for life.


  • B.A. Biology
  • M.A. Clinical Psychology


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Licensed Addictions Counselor (LAC expired 8/19)


  • Board Certified Career Coach (BCC)
  • Certified Career Counselor (CCC)
  • Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC)
  • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach (C-CIQ)
  • Certified Holistic Coach (CHC)


  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)
  • Certified Digital Brand Strategist (CDBS)
  • DRIVE and EXPRESS SkillScan Assessment Certified


  • International Coach Federation National (ICF) and Colorado Chapter (ICF-CO) - 2020 Board Member
  • Career Thought Leaders (CTL)
  • National Career Development Association National (NCDA) and Colorado Chapter (CCDA)
  • National Speakers Association Professional National (NSA) and Colorado Chapter (NSA-CO)
  • Women's Speakers Association Premier Member (WSA)