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My Process

Leadership excellence is one of the most critical challenges facing organizations today. Most top leaders leave their positions in three years or less under duress, even when they have had highly successful track records in previous jobs. Companies across the globe are in leadership succession crises, trying to find and/or develop sufficient leadership talent.

Professionals, particularly women in business are looking for a means to become more influential and impactful in the workplace. They want to know how to feel more confident when challenged with difficult conversations, conflict and relationships, decision making, feedback, interactions, and leadership development.

Today's leaders are faced with confounding ambiguities, demands and competing priorities. They are particularly challenged when their prior leadership skills don't transfer to a new leadership position, company, or industry.

Achieving gender parity is a common goal amongst women in the 21st century. Every day more women are stepping up into higher leadership positions and are looking for ways to become more effective and impactful in their roles without compromising their own core values, but rather fully expressing their unique gifts and qualities as a leader. Women still get paid 82 cents on every dollar and believe they have to show up like a man and do a man’s job rather than embrace their feminine power. Self-doubt, lack of confidence and overwhelm are diminishing women’s power as natural leaders.

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Problems Worth Solving are a Woman's...


Fatigue and frustration, which impacts their leadership development and impact in their work/career and significant relationships.

Chronic stress and struggle trying to balance one's personal and professional life. This results in a lack of satisfaction, happiness and success (potentially getting fired, divorced or physically ill). 

Self-sabotage from driving too hard or not at all due to an unhealthy approach to managing ones energy, time and resources.

Time-management we life in a time-starved world as high-achieving professionals, we much learn to own our time, to own our power.

A great leader requires talent, commitment, effort and guidance. Most women need more guidance to reach their full potential as a leader.

Our Solution...

Personal Leadership Development and Authentic People Skills Coaching and Training.  All programs increase a person's self-awareness and self-mastery and are focused on a variety of topics: communication, conversational intelligence, leadership skills, time management, energy management, team-working, problem-solving, goal-setting, productivity, executive presence, feminine presence, and emotional intelligence.

Our solution to a leader's fatigue and frustration is about learning to achieve self-mastery.

Our solution to one's chronic stress and struggle is about developing one's presence and prioritization not about trying to achieve work-life balance.

Our solution to self-sabotage is creating a developmental plan, based off of your Enneagram style to work on your personal and professional growth.

Our solution to time-management is teaching you how to not only manage your time, but manage your energy so you can double or more your productivity.

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