Episode #25: Negotiation Is a Life Skill

Let’s Talk About Negotiation

Today’s episode is about The Art of Negotiation for Women. I’ll be speaking with Carrie Gallant. Carrie inspires and empowers women to think bigger, negotiate more powerfully and step up into greater influence and impact. She is President of Gallant Solutions Inc., and founder of The Gallant Leader™ Academy and the EARN Your Worth™ Leaders Lab.

Carrie is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, and pay equity advocate and brings her experience as an executive, former practicing lawyer, and adjunct law professor to her work in helping clients master the art and science of negotiation and influence, conflict resolution, and Conversational Intelligence®. 

Carrie’s Art of Negotiation for Women approach is featured in The Women’s Enterprise Centre’s Negotiation for Women Entrepreneurs programs, and in author Tara Mohr’s acclaimed leadership program “Playing Big”. Carrie has also appeared in Cosmo Magazine, goop.com, vice.com, The Globe and Mail, The Financial Post, and CBC Radio. She is also a certified in Conversational Intelligence®, a certified facilitator of Authentic Leadership Conversations™ and Authentic Leadership for Teams™, and a qualified assessor of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). 

I am delighted to have her on the podcast as she is wise and passionate about helping women learn the art of negotiation. It’s a life skill that all women should develop to empower them in both business and personal relationships. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why negotiation is important for women
  • What it is about negotiation that freaks women out
  • The biggest mistakes women make when it comes to negotiating
  • The benefits for women in learning how to negotiate as a life skill 
  • How to check your negotiation competency

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