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Premarital and Precommitment Counseling

WE DO: Saying Yes to a Relationship of Depth, True Connection and Enduring Love

couple in premarital counseling“If you and your prospective partner adopt the principles and skills I describe here, your relationship will be successful―not just for starters, but for the long run.” – Stan Tatkin

Early prevention

This comprehensive relationship program is super important for any couple getting ready to lay down the foundation for a loving and lasting relationship. A primary purpose is early prevention.

No matter if this is your first marriage or not, I aim to help you prevent future marital problems rather than sit back and wait to help you solve those problems down the line, there’s greater risk that it will come too late when you haven’t addressed core needs, desire, styles of relating, and mutually agreed-upon principles of power and direction.

Beats the odds

couple-seeking-premarital-counselingJumping into a committed partnership—a ‘we’—can be amazing. But ask anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship, and they’ll tell you, it’s not always easy. Almost half of all first marriages don’t last, and the chances get lower from there. So, how can you make sure your love story beats the odds?

According to therapist Stan Tatkin, ‘All good long-term relationships are safe relationships.’ It means you and your partner look out for each other in a way that makes both of you feel secure, understood, and cared for all the time. And if you are, you’ll learn how to make your relationship strong from the start, so you can have a safe and lasting love.

Health and happiness

woman-holding-her-hand-on-her-heartNo matter where you stand on marriage or commitment, your relationships and their quality will greatly influence (if not determine) your health and happiness in life. That’s because you need other people for a whole lot of important things, only one of which is companionship.

Adult human beings require at least one other adult human (not a child) to help with self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-discovery, and self-improvement. You need another person for silly things, such as letting you know you have food in your teeth, and more significant things, such as helping you understand what you don’t know (and there are tons of things you don’t know).

Love and trust

You need to love and you need to trust. And that’s where secure-functioning relationships begin. Together, let’s set up your relationship from the get-go so that it has all elements it needs to succeed.

we-do-book-coverHere’s what you’ll learn in this Program:

  • Making a plan together for your relationship, which is super important to start things off right.
  • Stopping problems before they even start—learn some cool tricks to keep your relationship smooth.
  • Learning about the stuff in your relationship that’s all in your heads and bodies—like how your brain works and how your feelings affect your bond.
  • Real-life stories to learn from, plus fun activities and serious talks to help you get closer and feel more secure.
  • How to handle fights so you both win in the end.
  • Building a strong and loving relationship that helps you both grow and be awesome together.

Preparing for the long road ahead

This program is intended to prepare you and your partner for marriage, in all its incarnations, so that you can set your relationship on the right path from the very beginning.

It’s not about simply deciding if your partner is right or wrong for you, rather it prepares you and your partner for the long road ahead and provides you with the best possible launch, tools, and attitude for now and for the future.

I work with couples nationwide virtually via secure video, and in person in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Please contact me if you’re a committed couple interested in exploring the ‘WE DO’ PACT Relationship Counseling Program. (720) 443-1071