Are you and your partner considering couples therapy?

Taking this step can be a powerful way to strengthen your relationship, but it requires some groundwork. Before diving in, it’s essential to understand what it means to prepare for this journey together.

Here’s a guide that breaks down what both of you should expect and how to get ready for couples therapy effectively.

couple-holding-hands-in-natureIn couples therapy, both partners need to be ready to work together. Here’s what it involves:

  1. Listening and Understanding: Both partners must be open to hearing each other without blaming. They need to create a space to talk and listen.
  2. Expressing Feelings: It’s important for both to share how they feel and what they want in a clear and open way. Being honest and vulnerable is key.
  3. Being Open and Supportive: Both partners should create a safe environment where they can be themselves without fear. They need to encourage each other to open up.
  4. Being Teachable: Like a coach, the therapist guides the process. Both partners need to be open to learning and guidance.
  5. Shared Goals: It’s essential for both partners to agree on what they want for their relationship. If saving the marriage is the goal, it should be spoken about clearly.
  6. Understanding Hurt and Healing: Both partners should be able to talk about how they’ve been hurt and have hurt each other. It’s about taking responsibility for actions in a respectful way.
  7. Respecting Boundaries: Each partner should focus on their own actions and not try to control or guess what the other is thinking or feeling.
  8. Moving Towards Solutions: Instead of staying stuck in problems, the focus should be on finding solutions together. By working on current issues, it becomes easier to heal old wounds.

Preparing for couples therapy involves both partners being open, honest, and willing to work together toward making their relationship better.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board-Certified Relationship Coach, specializing in couples therapy I believe that no relationship is beyond hope. I offer compassion, clarity and clear direction on how to bring about real change in your marriage or committed partnership. I will help you discover hope and healing for your relationship no matter how stuck you think it is.

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