Career Growth Potential


Whether you are job searching or looking to build your online presence, a professional writer can help you craft branded career communications, including: 

  • Resumes and CVs 
  • LinkedIn and other social media profiles 
  • Executive or board biographies 
  • Cover letters and e-notes 
  • and more!  

Just like a business, you - the job seeker, need to market yourself as the product by incorporating your personal brand into your marketing documents. Self-marketing goes beyond simple resumes; it includes all of your marketing collateral.

Marketing Yourself includes creating a keyword-rich resume and LinkedIn profile, targeted cover letters, and identifying reliable references.

While the unemployment rates are high, the job market is competitive. 

Your personal brand is your unique promise of value. It's what also makes you unique, relevant, and compelling. You need to know your brand, i.e., what is it about you that sets you apart from your competition and can tip the scales in your favor.

Increase Your Visibility, Credibility, and Impact to Get Hired

What's the process?

I partner with you to create branded, distinctive documents the represent you. I take a unique, marketing-based approach.

I'm trained in knowing what hiring managers are looking for and ask the right questions to get the best content for your marketing assets.

I have learned from experience that the best resume content comes from stories of accomplishment in context. To gather these stories, I spend time with you to go through their background and success stories. It's a great way to gather content while refreshing your memory for future interviews.

It is this content, and the process that we go through to gather it, that makes my services unique. 

It not only transforms you on paper, but it also builds your ability to articulate your experience, boosts your confidence, and hones your focus. Your documents are built from the ground up with strategies that work for you.

After gathering the information, I write a professional targeted resume for you (and other documents/profiles as needed).