Recovery & Transformation

For sensitive people who are ready to heal from past pain, transform their life, and live a more authentic and free life.

Holistic Counseling & Personal Coaching

The biggest challenge for my clients is unresolved emotional pain and suffering from being in one or multiple abusive relationships (lover, boss, parent, friend) in their life. They feel powerless and stuck in their life. They know they need to learn how to change their behavior patterns because it has kept them repeating the same unhealthy relationship scenarios.

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Discover a new perspective on facing challenges in your life and see a bigger picture that makes living life a bit easier after experiencing a significant loss.

  1. Grow your ability to love yourself and forgive yourself.
  2. Gain freedom from the manipulation or control of others. 
  3. Transmute pain into power to fuel positive change in your life.


The problems you have are an essential part of your evolutionary journey, a gift that can help you grow stronger and shine brighter. Learn how to live with more love and compassion for yourself.

  • Learn to let go of what doesn’t need to be a part of your future.
  • Develop the skills to know and trust your true self.
  • Take intuitive steps in your life to shine stronger and brighter.


Negative core beliefs can drive unwanted behaviors that keep you stuck and unable to move forward. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can increase in frequency and intensity, making it challenging to reach your goals and create the life you truly want.

      • Identify core beliefs about self, others, and the world.
      • Break out of thinking traps that ignite strong emotions.
      • Change behaviors that lead to self-sabotage.


Your sensitivity is your superpower! Learn how to empower yourself, rather than lose yourself in relationships with others.

  • Identify your needs & stop fighting battles that aren’t yours.
  • Learn to become a good guardian of your energy, no burnout!
  • Discover tools to heal yourself and trust your knowing.

Ready to work with me?

My style is warm, supportive, and collaborative with just the right balance between deep listening and offering intuitive guidance.  My goal is for clients is to develop a greater capacity to love and take care of themselves, gain self-validation and clarity for knowing their truth, and walk away with practical life skills to keep growing on their path of healing and being aware of becoming true to their spiritual self.

I invite you to connect with me and share what’s going on for you and to further explore what it would be like to work together.