Resolving Communication Issues

couple-arguing Don’t waste more time and energy complaining.

Experiencing difficulties with communication is frustrating.

Your partner doesn’t get you.

Worrying about when or if this will change is taking an emotional toll.

You feel alone with your frustration.

Avoiding conflict is not working.

Stuck in the pain and not being able to find a way forward is tiresome.

Let me show you the way forward.

couples-in-distressCommunication problems are discouraging.

Feeling unheard is painful.

Being misunderstood is exhausting.

Breakdowns in communication cause confusion, anger, and discouragement.

It feels hopeless.

You wonder, will it get better?

communication-issuesI’ll work with you to determine where the breakdown is.

Sometimes communication problems come from differences in perception.

Often challenges occur because of differences in processing information and how your nervous systems are wired to protect you from perceived threat.

Some communication challenges stem from deeper issues, but if that’s the case, we can still improve your communication AND connection.

It’s time for strategies that work.

And I can show you how. In the safety and privacy of my office, I will guide you towards co-creating a way forward that works for both of you.

With each session, more clarity will come, and you will be able to resolve hurts from the past, become re-engaged in the present, and be hopeful for your future.

couples-therapy-can helpCouple therapy can help!

Couple therapy can help with a variety of communication and challenges for relationships at all stages.

Committing to a process of healing is your way to move out of the pain and frustration.

Don’t waste time repeating the same destructive patterns.

I get it.

When it’s good, you’re GREAT.

When it’s bad, it’s really BAD.

I will help you STOP the cycle.

TOGETHER you can transform the pain.

It’s time to co-create what’s BEST and thrive!

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