Her fierce honesty and genuine connection with the audience drew me right in and opened me up to perspectives I hadn’t considered.  

Stephanie Frank | Copywriter | TEDX Speaker

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Dynamic Speaker

After living off the grid in Alaska for nearly a decade in her 20's, Teena Evert has gained valuable life skills that have taught her to thrive in some of life's most challenging circumstances. For approximately two decades, Teena has helped people across industries and sectors with her heartfelt presence, rich insights and adventurous spirit.

Passionate, driven and clear, Teena's talks don't just inspire and educate they transform thinking and behavior. Your audience will laugh, quite possibly cry, and above all learn to show up and lead with authentic presence, grit and a deep self appreciation for their own self worth and value. 


There are some people that can move you with their words, and some people that can move you with their presence, Teena can do both. 

Kathleen Audet | Image Consultant | Speaker

Teena Evert Speaking


Break The Cycle of Burnout: Get on The Right Path Towards Resilience

An inspiring and soul-stirring call to action for healthcare professionals to own their power and begin to break the cycle of burnout. Teena fuses riveting stories with mindful and actionable advice to overcome the barriers and negative stigma of mental and emotional health issues in the workplace. Understanding burnout and how to get on the right path towards resilience is essential for healthcare professionals who are stuck in fatigue, frustration and overwhelm from trying to manage the demands of their job.

You Will Learn To: 

  • Access your internal power source to pull you through the challenges from the demands of your job, so you can stand up and speak out with an authentic confidence
  • Identity the right things to focus on in order to reach your BIG goals with the most efficiency
  • Honor and welcome your talents so you can start to own what makes you unique and stop comparing yourself to others
  • Adopt a growth mindset so you can experience set backs as opportunities that allow you to cultivate resilience and grit
  • Cultivate more positive focused energy and passion to invest at work and with your family

"When I heard Teena speak I gained immediate insight into how I can strengthen my relationship with myself and others, she speaks to inspire and add value to our lives."

Sally Rollins | Entrepreneur, Denver CO 


Teena Evert Speaking

First Change You: How to Improve Your Performance, Health and Happiness

All too often women get caught up in the search for more, more money, more stuff, more power and believe that this is going to bring them the fulfillment that they seek. Teena's coached many women who have held on tight to the belief that other people will value them more if they have all of these things, but this is a never ending road that keeps them from achieving what they actually want - to feel like they are truly worthy and that they belong.

Top Takeaways: 

  • Discover the key questions to ask yourself to break free from chronic overwhelm and create a clear plan for success
  • Explore what you resist so you can get past what blocks you from moving forward
  • Reclaim your energy by identifying what in your life is robbing you of your physical, mental and emotional energy
  • Gain more focused positive energy so you can increase your efficiency and productivity and reduce your tension and anxiety

"Teena, your speaking moved me to a place of awareness that shifted me towards focusing on my aspirations in a way that other speakers have not."

Brenda | Small Business Owner Lakewood, CO



Teena Evert is the Founder and CEO of Claim The Lead, a personal leadership development company for women. Teena brings her adventurous life forward in her work as a professional transformational coach and licensed mental health therapist. She brings a unique and effective approach to female empowerment from her experience of living in remote Alaska while working in a male-dominated field early in her career. She was forced to learn essential life skills to survive in an environment that did not support her voice, knowledge or input. Teena's equal parts practical, purposeful and playful delivery make her a sought-after speaker and transformational coach and facilitator. Teena holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and a Graduate degree in Clinical Psychology.  She began her career in personal development and female empowerment by working in remote Alaska and traveling internationally by herself to study mind-body modalities to deepen her connection to herself so she could be of better service to others. She lives in Denver, CO in a tree house and spends her down time doing yoga and going on cycling adventures with her significant other. 

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