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My name is Teena Evert and I have been in the personal development industry for over 20 years. I am passionate about helping women heal and grow because I have struggled with playing small most of my life. My ideal audience wants to be seen and heard in a bigger way in their business, relationships and life. I love to help them feel what it’s like to fully embody their personal power. When I speak I teach them how to reset their success by igniting their feminine presence. ~ Teena Evert, Feminine Presence Coach

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Teena Evert

Speaker | Author |Reach For Relief Expert

Teena Evert Speaking

Teena inspires and empowers women to deepen and strengthen their greatest currency: their feminine presence. Her extensive background as a marriage and family therapist, relationship and feminine presence coach, paired with her honest, gripping, compassionate speaking style fuses personal and spiritual growth with professional development. Success driven conscious women are moved to consider new possibilities in their quest to inspire change and have a greater impact in the world.

Popular Topics

Each of Teena’s presentations can be adapted into a keynote, training, webinar or workshop.

Cultivate Unshakeable Confidence

A woman’s connection with herself is her most important asset. Without it, the absence of a secure foundation will prevent her from spreading her message in the world and attracting the right clients to her business. Audience members leave this stirring talk ignited to not just be their best selves but to show up in the world as their authentic selves, knowing they have the confidence to seek out visibility opportunities and create a business, relationship and life that supports success and a deep, unshakeable sense of worthiness. In this dynamic talk, audience members explore how to:

  • Face the fear of “being seen” and free themselves from resistance, self-doubt and paralysis
  • Experience greater levels of success and fulfillment that makes them feel good in their skin and in their soul
  • Reclaim and celebrate forgotten pieces of themselves to ensure there is no more success sabotage

Teena Evert Speaking

Create Unwavering Success

Success driven women often want to be respected and noticed in a bigger way so they can inspire change and excel in all areas of their life. Although they have applied proven strategies to ensure their success they have not been able to sustain it. They are willing to explore how they’ve been playing small so they can lead more fully from their feminine power and create unwavering success both personally and professionally.

In this interactive presentation women:

  • Learn how to turn on their feminine presence and transform their business, life and relationships
  • Discover how to attract the respect and attention they want and deserve to inspire change both personally and professionally
  • Explore how to get unstuck, move forward and stay centered especially when the stakes are high

Ignite Your Radical Love Superpower!

In this dynamic and fun presentation you will learn powerful tools to help you whether you are single or partnered to have that healthy, amazing relationship that you want with less conflict, more peace, more attraction and more happiness!

Participants will:

• Discover how to access your creative power center and become a magnet for love
• How to have strong boundaries to support what you truly want in an intimate relationship
• Learn how to create polarity in a new relationship to hold the spark or in a long-term relationship that needs to reignite

There are some people that can move you with their words, and some people that can move you with their presence. Teena Evert can do both. Her speaking and teaching will move you to a place of awareness and thoughtful shifting towards the goals you aspire to in a way that other speakers cannot do.

Kathleen Audet Image Consultant | Speaker

About Teena

Teena Evert Speaking

Teena Evert, LMFT, LAC, CRC, CHPC, speaks and coaches with conscious success driven women who want to be respected and noticed in a bigger way and live a greater life, but struggle with putting themselves “out there” and being seen. She helps them ignite their physical and energetic presence so they can make a larger impact and increase their income doing what they love. She is the woman you want in your corner when you’ve tried, and failed, to get to the root of the problem of why you’re not as happy and fulfilled as you know you could be. Whether you are struggling in your relationships or business, Teena will help you create a life that supports success.

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed addictions counselor, certified holistic psychotherapist, relationship and feminine presence coach and licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher. She is the clinical director of Relationships In Crisis, PLLC and the creator of Ignite Love Now and delights in coaching and counseling grounded, powerful conscious women to succeed. She is the best selling author of Stop Fighting Start Loving: 5 Proven Ways To Ignite a Lifetime of Love and Put Love First: How To Prioritize Your Love Life Without Losing Ground In Your Business.

When I heard Teena speak I gained immediate insight into how I can strengthen my relationship. Her fierce honesty and genuine connection with the audience drew me right in and opened me up to perspectives I hadn’t considered.

Stefanie Frank Copywriter | TEDx Speaker

Book Teena To Speak

To request Teena Evert as a speaker for your company, conference or organization, please contact support@teenaevert.com with your booking request. CLICK HERE to Download Teena’s Speaker One Sheet[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]