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When women have the clarity to take action, their confidence grows. Audiences walk away motivated to take inspired action to grow their career confidence.

Teena Evert, Certified Career Transformation Coach, Licensed Life Counselor, and Global Career Development Expert

Teena speaks directly to professional women’s hearts and minds about getting clear, gaining confidence, and building momentum towards creating a positive, powerful, prosperous career. 

The work experience for many women in 2020 has been uncertain, unsettling, and uninspired. Constant career change already was the norm, but the number of workers currently in transition has dramatically spiked. 

Women at all career stages are asking themselves questions like: 

  • “How can I thrive in such an uncertain world of work?”
  • “How can I find more meaning and purpose in my job?” 
  • “What should I do next?”

Teena provides women with the specific tools and strategies that they need to claim the lead in their lives and careers in a time in our history when we must reemerge with a newfound sense of direction and purpose.

As a Global Business Connector for Women Speakers Association in Denver, she plays an integral role in providing opportunities for talented career-minded professional women to get access to resources to gain more visibility, recognition, and growth potential in their business and careers.

As an Entrepreneur, Teena’s success over the past 20 years comes from her ability to show up, face her fears, and overcome obstacles to accomplish great things.

With over a decade of experience as a licensed therapist, Teena gained recognition as an expert in overcoming job burnout, healing from relational trauma, and managing chronic stress.

Teena has a gift for guiding ambitious, talented, career-driven professionals towards making a great living doing work they love. She has a proven track record of accelerating results leading to long-term vocational satisfaction and success.

She helps professionals Claim the Lead in their life and careers.

Programs I Speak About

5 Essential Steps to Revive Your Career in the New Year

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning and pull the covers over your head because you dread getting up and working?

When you imagine your career path and future success, do you feel stuck and unclear about how to stop fighting with your workday?

Knowing what lights you up is a crucial step to getting unstuck, gaining clarity about your ideal career path, and finding the energy and excitement to launch you forward towards greater satisfaction and success in your professional life.


  • The #1 thing you need to master to revive your career in 2021.
  • Practical tips to get unstuck and move forward in your job search and career.
  • Key strategies to reemerge with a newfound sense of direction and purpose.

This program is perfect for professional women, women in business, and entrepreneurs who feel uncertain, unsettled, and uninspired in their work lives. They want to know how to thrive in an uncertain world of work, find more meaning and purpose in their job, and make a change that positively impacts their future success.

Format: 30-60-90-minute Workshop or Breakout Session. 

Identify Your Next Steps, Get Unstuck, and Move Forward in Your Career

Do you ever wonder when your hard work and constant effort to succeed will pay off?

Do you find yourself sacrificing areas of your personal life because of the constant demands in your professional life?

Do you want your contributions to gain more recognition and make a more significant impact?

 Do you want to get out of bed on a Monday morning feeling energized and excited to go to work?

When you’re not satisfied with your work life, it can be frustrating, overwhelming, and uninspiring not to have clarity about what to focus your time and energy on. Feeling stuck can lead to anxiety and depression that directly impacts other areas of your life. Knowing how to identify your next best step is essential for moving forward towards a brighter future.


    • Tips to get clear and gain confidence in your career decisions. 
    • Strategies to inspire immediate action to move forward. 
    • Resources to support change and improve your work life.

This program is perfect for professional women, women in business, and entrepreneurs who know they are meant for more but need the next steps to execute positive change.

Format: 30-60-90-minute Workshop or Breakout Session. 

Understanding the Impact of Trauma to Improve Your Impact as a Career Professional

Do you ever have clients who can’t move forward, no matter how much support and guidance you provide for them?

Are you labeling some of your clients as “difficult” because they struggle with motivation, decision making, and follow through?

Do you find yourself working harder than some of your clients, feeling drained after sessions, and secretly wanting to fire them?


  • What trauma is and how it impacts & informs our work with clients.
  • 5 ways trauma shows up in client interactions.
  • 6 common “practice traps” that can jeopardize our client’s success.
  • guiding principles for a trauma-aware practice.

This program is perfect for career coaches, career counselors, and career service providers who want to understand the impact of trauma to be more effective in their work with challenging clients.

Format: 30-60-90-minute Workshop or Breakout Session.