Mental Health and Career Development

When you have clarity, you’re inspired to take action and your confidence grows. Audiences walk away excited and energized to claim the lead in their careers. 


Teena Evert, Certified Career Coach, Licensed Life Counselor, and Global Career Development Expert

Teena Evert, Certified Career Coach, Licensed Life Counselor, and Global Career Development Expert, speaks directly to the early and mid-career professional’s about how to transform their life and career by finding clarity, gaining confidence, and building momentum towards creating a brighter future.

It’s normal to arrive at a crossroads in your life where you are unsure about which way you should turn.

You may know that you are not satisfied with where you are, but need help assessing what needs to change. You might even feel lost and struggle with self-doubt or symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Teena provides her audience with specific tools and strategies  needed to claim the lead in their lives and careers in a time in our history when we must reemerge with a newfound sense of direction and purpose.

As an Entrepreneur, Teena’s success over the past 20 years comes from her ability to show up, face her fears, and overcome obstacles to accomplish great things.

With over a decade of experience as a licensed mental health professional, Teena gained recognition as an expert in preventing burnout, navigating life transitions, and managing work stress.

Teena has a gift for guiding ambitious, talented, career-driven professionals towards making a great living doing work they love. She has a proven track record of accelerating results leading to long-term vocational satisfaction and success.


Programs I Speak About

How to Become the Curator of Your Life

Do you wake up eager to approach your day with anticipation, energy, and excitement? 

Do you feel highly satisfied with your job and your life as a whole?


  • Working a job where you consistently lose track of time because you are so delightfully absorbed in what you are doing.
  • Feeling like your job aligns with what you think is most important in life and allows you to live out a sense of purpose.
  • Knowing your gifts and talents are being used well, that other people are benefiting from your effort, that your 9-to-5 is actually making the world a better place.
  • Having a job that you’d want to do for free, one that makes you cringe at the thought of retirement.

Do you want this kind of experience at work? 

Learn how to align your work with what’s most important in your life and allows you to live out a sense of purpose.


  • Action steps to change what’s not working in your work-life.
  • Practical tips to get unstuck and move forward in your career.
  • Key strategies to leverage what’s working and foster greater meaning in your work.

This program is perfect for professionals who feel uncertain, unsettled, and uninspired in their work lives. They want to know how to thrive in an uncertain world of work, find more meaning and purpose in their job, and make a change that positively impacts their future success.

 Format: 30-60-90-minute Workshop or Breakout Session.