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Mental & Emotional Health

Mental & Emotional Health

We offer premier student counseling services that will help you succeed in life.

“I saw my very first counselor my freshman year in college. I was falling behind in my grades, struggling to create study habits, overwhelmed by the social pressures to fit in, and trying to figure out a new romantic relationship – all while being away from home for the first time.” – Teena Evert, CEO Claim the Lead

Claim the Lead is excited to share that we have partnered with META, the leading online Mental Health platform created to bring college students and mental health providers together. Through the META app, college students can receive counseling through a secure and private platform via chat, voice, or video sessions from the convenience of their smartphones.


You're Not Alone.

Are you a college student who’s struggling with…

  1. Social pressures
  2. Adjusting to college life
  3. Making healthy life choices
  4. Creating successful study habits
  5. Managing your time and energy
  6. Choosing a major and career path
  7. Building healthy relationships
  8. Exploring a deeper purpose

I struggled throughout my college years. I did not feel prepared for the challenges, and my future career success was nowhere in sight.

I felt like I was trying to climb a mountain without shoes, proper clothing, and a map. I lacked the life skills to cope with all the changes, from being on my own, juggling a demanding class schedule, and navigating brand-new social life.

I felt socially awkward, stressed, and anxious. I also felt excited to try new things, discover my interests, and meet new people. But the struggle was real, and to this day, I can go back to all the sensations in a heartbeat.

If I could go back and help support this young girl as she efforted through her college days, trying hard to fit in and not fail academically – I would have walked alongside her as she covered those paths.

I would have gently guided her by asking how she felt about herself and what was happening around her. I would have reassured her that she was intelligent, wise, and capable.

I would have let her know that she had a right to be there that she belonged.

I would have talked to her about the challenges of adjusting to college life and given her tools to build the life skills she needed to excel.

I would have helped normalize her fears and uncertainty. I would have let her know that she wasn’t alone, that support was available and that she could lean into it whenever she needed to.

It is clear why my career trajectory has brought me to a place to guide others along their path.

I help students and professionals at all stages and levels of their careers discover their unique gifts and purpose and use their strengths to create a life and career supporting their dreams.

Your journey may be hard at times, but you don’t need to struggle day-in-and-day-out with crippling anxiety, overwhelm, and fear.

You can develop both life and career skills to become the person you want to be.

You can learn to build a foundation from which to flourish. 

You can be confident in yourself and your future.


My style is warm, supportive, and collaborative with just the right balance between listening and offering guidance. I am gently challenging when opportunities for growth arise. My goal is for clients to finish counseling with greater clarity, increased connection, a toolbox of coping skills, and feeling more confident to take on the difficulties ahead.

I’d like to invite you to connect with me on chat for a free consultation. You can share your concerns with me and we can work together to decide if my approach is best for you.



School can be difficult. Getting counseling shouldn’t be. Connect whenever and wherever works for you.


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