What was working with Teena like for you?


All great sessions. I feel a natural connection with Teena and she has the perfect blend of kindness, support, and forward thinking for me.”

Teena has great skills for helping me figure out what I want in life and career.

Good conversation, Teena asks clarifying questions and gives interesting perspectives to think about.

Wonderful. I love the homework. I feel very secure in Teena’s ability to understand the scope of my challenges and trust that she can coach me effectively.

I like how she keeps me focused and doing things in manageable steps.

I have been working on my "life focus" and self-improvements, and plan to continue those efforts with the tools she provided me with in this New Year and beyond. I now feel confident in my abilities to move forward on my own.

Teena brings to the table a wide range of skills that are highly valuable to career coaching clients including communication skills training, emotional intelligence training, and an understanding of systemic dynamics that are helpful to anyone seeking to have greater impact and influence as a leader, more and positive working relationships in general.

Teena demonstrates an ongoing quest for excellence in her work, as evidenced by a commitment to continuing education and investment in the skills and strategies that will help her provide a high level of value and support for her clients. Personally and professionally, Teena is self-aware, open to self-assessment and constructive feedback, an excellent communicator, and has demonstrated herself to be consistently ethical and of high integrity


The first step in my process is to schedule a Free Consultation with me so that we can discuss what your current challenges are. Then from here, I will provide you with my recommendations. If we choose to work together, I will discuss the details with you at this time. If we choose not to work together, I will provide an appropriate referral.