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Teena’s Testimonials – What Are Clients Saying?


Permanent Positive Change

Not only is Teena the star that illuminates your future pathway, she is also the quiet storm that washes away the debris and emotional wreckage that makes that path uncomfortable to navigate.  Don’t be frightened when you discover she understands your motivations better than you do yourself. Teena is intelligent, caring, very insightful, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a permanent, positive change.

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Chris F.

VP Operations

My career coaching sessions were invaluable to me.

I engaged with Teena for her career counseling after moving to a new region and wanting to pivot my career but not knowing how to do that. Her sessions were invaluable to me in gaining the motivation and confidence to start my new career search and have a direction in which to proceed.

Teena provides a very objective perspective on your career experience, your skill sets in terms of strengths and weaknesses, and providing substantial concrete resources to aid you in your career search. While she gives you the necessary tools to gain proper footing in stepping forward, it’s still up to you to take that step.

Teena provides clarity in your mental acuity in terms of your job search. I can confidently say that the assistance I received from Teena was vital to tackling my job search head-on and doing things I avoided for far too long (resumé polishing, LinkedIn updating, etc.).

I was successful in finding the meaningful position I’ve sought since moving to Denver. Despite the current uncertainties of the job market, I was able to land that position.

I highly recommend that anyone looking for career direction or assistance with their job search fully engage in Teena’s services and not look for shortcuts.

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Ken C.

Sales Coordinator

I made concrete progress in each session.

Teena is a skilled, insightful, and compassionate career coach. I had a great experience working with her in 2020. It was important to me to work through a systematic process and feel like we made concrete progress in each session. Teena was very tuned in to that and helped us achieve that goal. I’m grateful for her guidance and support!

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Kathryn D.

Engineering Manager

I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I am just a few years into my professional career and have struggled to uncover what I truly want to do. Teena helped me begin to identify what I’m interested in and which skill areas would be most beneficial to develop to help me get where I want to be.

She provided lots of great resources and assessments to help me move through this process and reference as I continue my journey. Teena is very insightful and easy to talk to – she helped make this daunting process more enjoyable and achievable.

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Michaela R.

Fundraising Coordinator

I was disorganized and uncertain about my future.

I appreciate all of the time, guidance, and helpful tools that Teena provided. I felt very disorganized and uncertain about my future and how to move forward with many aspects of my personal and professional life when I first came to see her.

Teena is terrific and has done wonders for me. It’s been phenomenal, and I attribute a lot of my success to her! I truly benefited from working with her and value her focus on purposeful career coaching, building a fulfilling and meaningful life, and how she approaches coaching holistically.

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Mark A.

MBA Student

I was in the midst of the most significant turning point of my life.

I was in the midst of the most significant turning point of my life, and to say meeting Teena was a breakthrough is an understatement! Teena is a fantastic communicator and has an extraordinary gift of intuition. She knew what questions to ask to uncover answers that I had been searching for – for months.

Teena was able to discern the best plan of action to help me create a bridge for moving forward to fulfilling a lifelong dream and calling. She is incredibly generous with her insights and knowledge, and her genuine and beautiful spirit made working with her unforgettable. I am truly blessed to call her my coach, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!

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Jennifer L.

Speaker, High-Performance Fitness Trainer

I gained new strategies that helped me enhance my self-awareness.

Teena helps you connect with yourself from mental to- physical-to-emotional, allowing you to naturally move forward where you want to go in a healthier, more complete way.

I gained new strategies that helped me enhance my self-awareness. I also gained a trusted partner that I know is supporting me – even when I’m not in a session, I am stronger because Teena is there for me and believing in me.

Teena provides a judgment-free environment that balances proactive instruction, strategies, and advice with reflective listening, patience, and space.


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Kevin W.

Vice President, Client Success

I was lost and confused about my life and career direction.

Teena is a highly skilled Career Coach that brings her background as a Counselor to every session. In my time with Teena, I learned so much more than I could have ever asked for – she created the space for me to sort through my mess. In combination with the assignments, I found being coached by Teena helpful not only vocationally but also personally!

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Emily M.

Human Resources Professional

I figured out my next career steps!

I loved working with Teena. She helped me learn about myself, my values, and how I work the best. She gave me the skills to navigate my career. I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to figure out their next steps in their career.

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Lily S.

Digital Marketing Specialist and soon to be graduate student

Uncover your true purpose.

Teena is highly insightful, authentic, and generous. She’s a great listener and uses her clinician skills as a counselor to help guide people to uncover their true purpose. She also is a true advocate for women in leadership and advancing the careers and goals of women in an authentic way.

I highly recommend her as a career coach, counselor, and leader in developing careers and creating more engagement opportunities for oneself.

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Suraya Y.

Interim and Fractional COO

I needed help clarifying my next career steps.

I was looking for a career coach to help me clarify my next steps on my career path and further assess my personality type to define a more suitable course. Before starting to work with Teena, I felt drained and burned out, and, at the end of our time together, I felt more hopeful about my future.

Teena has a way of genuinely understanding me as a person, which helped provide guidance. I would highly recommend working with Teena. She is fantastic and uses a solution-focused method to help achieve results.

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Anthony. M.


Reassurance and Clarity

Prior to meeting with Teena, I felt confused and unconfident in my skills and abilities and what I have to offer in my career.  Through individualized homework assignments and one on one coaching sessions, Teena helped me gain the confidence I was lacking and allowed me to see myself in a new light.  I would highly recommend working with Teena for anyone who is looking for a little bit of reassurance and clarity in their personal and professional lives. 

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Brooke M.

Administrative Office Assistant

Teena came to my rescue and gave me the tools I needed to make a decision.

I came to Teena during a quarter-life crisis. I had just moved back to Denver from living abroad and felt myself becoming increasingly confused thinking about my future. I knew that I did not want to continue my current career but had no idea what the alternative would be. The only thing I knew for sure was that whatever occupation I decided on needed to be meaningful and have a clear path moving forward.

Teena came to my rescue and provided me with the tools necessary to make a decision. Teena asked me questions and provided me with assignments to uncover my career needs, personal skills, and inherent values. She helped me understand how these things intersected and ultimately provided the framework necessary to choose a new profession.

Now, I am ready to build on what I learned about myself to begin a new and fulfilling career! I am beyond grateful for my time working with Teena and highly recommend her to anyone looking for career clarity.

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Alex P.


I was feeling disconnected at work and lacked motivation.

I found myself being more and more frustrated and disconnected at work. While I couldn’t put my finger on one particular thing that needed to change, I felt that coaching would be an excellent opportunity to get some insight from an outside 3rd party view.

After a couple of calls with different potential coaches, I decided to move forward with Teena. She was very organized and sought to understand my challenges and how best to help me. She helped me get clear on my strengths and areas of improvement. She also had several resources to help me find the right path for me toward my next goal.

I look forward to continuing my work with Teena and recommend her to anyone looking for a career coach to help them better themselves!

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David R.

Account Manager

I was ready to advance in my career.

I met Teena at a point in my life and career when I felt I had outgrown my job and was ready to advance but wasn’t sure how to get there. She provided an unbiased sounding board for me to organize my personal life, which ultimately gave me a clear mind to cultivate opportunities in front of me to grow my career and make the next step, which I am proud to say I did.

She helped give great tips and advice to navigate difficult conversations with my boss and gave me confidence in whatever plan of action I needed to take next, personally or professionally.

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Kristine R.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

I learned so much about myself through the process of career coaching.

Teena is an incredible career coach. I was looking for a more fulfilling career that I could be passionate about but was unsure what that was. Teena helped me analyze my past career choices and helped guide me to a new career direction that I am working towards now. She was very thorough and thoughtful. She was also easy to talk to and understanding. I would highly recommend her.

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Michaela C.

Lawyer, Business Owner

I didn’t think it was possible to land my ideal position.

I appreciate all of the time, guidance, and helpful feedback Teena provided. My resume and LinkedIn profile were very outdated.
Teena helped me improve my career marketability by helping me put into words my work experience and accomplishments to stand out from my competition.

She helped me focus on my target job, apply, and make a career pivot that I didn’t realize was possible and land my ideal position!

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Michael J.

Project Manager

I was feeling stuck and uncertain about my career path.

I came to Teena shortly after losing my job due to COVID-19. I felt stuck and unsure about the career path I wanted to take going forward, knowing that my previous job was unfulfilling.

Teena helped embrace my skillset, and authenticity shined a light on where my strengths were. With her knowledge, guidance, and support, I could step away from uncertainty and ambiguity and now have a much clearer idea of what I want to do with my life and career.

Her energy and vibrancy are impossible to deny, and she inspired me to step into my truth and passions. I don’t think I would have been bold or brave enough to shift my career path and take risks if it weren’t for her.

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Emma S.

Digital Communications Specialist

I majorly improved my confidence and future outlook.

Teena has been an absolute godsend these past few months. I was unemployed due to COVID-19, and she provided invaluable advice and support through what I thought would have to be a complete career change.

Not only did she help improve my Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile (which led my current employer to me), I majorly improved my confidence and future outlook in what was a very trying time. I can’t recommend Teena enough – no matter what your career stage.

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Lindsay M.

Meeting Coordinator

Stop procrastinating and get professional help.

Teena has a true genius for asking the right questions, listening with compassion (and without judgment), and guiding you to important ah-has about yourself.

If you want clarity and a game plan to get the career you’ve been longing for, stop procrastinating and get professional help to gain the focus, confidence, and strategies needed to land your ideal job.

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Jean H.

Career and Leadership Trainer

I gained confidence and the tools to move forward in my career.

Teena helped me realize that I was a bit stuck and gave me the push I needed. Not only did the coaching give me tangible paths to look into, but it also gave me the confidence to pursue them further and gave me the tools to be able to begin to take the necessary steps.

If you’re having second thoughts about the path you’re on or unsure where to begin, I would definitely recommend it!

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Gianluca M.

Account Manager

I gained clarity, courage, and confidence to take bold steps in my career.

I hired Teena to help me decide whether to find a new career/job in a different industry or start a business. Teena helped me better understand myself and understand my weaknesses holding me back and the strengths I couldn’t see.

The clarity Teena helped me find has given me the courage to step into the chaos of starting a business. I wouldn’t have the confidence to do so without her help. If you want to take bold steps in your career but do not know where to begin, hire Teena to get you the clarity necessary to make changes that fulfill both life and your career.

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Heather P.