"I engaged with Teena for her career counseling, having moved to a new region of the country and wanting to pivot my career a bit in focus but not really knowing how to do that. Her sessions were absolutely invaluable to me in terms of gaining the motivation and confidence to start my new career search and having a direction in which to proceed.

Teena provides a very objective point of view on your career experience, your skill sets in terms of strengths and weaknesses, and providing actual concrete resources to aid you in your career search. While she gives you the necessary tools to gain proper footing in stepping forward, it's still up to you to make that step.

What Teena is NOT is job search engine nor resumé editing machine. She can give you good guidance on both those topics, but what Teena really provides is clarity in your own mental acuity in terms of your job search.I can say with confidence that the assistance I received from Teena was absolutely vital in me tackling my job search head-on, doing things I had avoided for far too long (resumé polishing, LinkedIn updating, etc) and being successful in finding the meaningful position I've sought since moving to Denver. Despite the current uncertainties of the job market in the times of COVID-19, I was able to land that position. I highly recommend that anyone looking for direction and/or assistance with their own job search to fully engage in Teena's services and not look for short-cuts." - Ken Cho

"I came to Teena in the midst of what can only be described as a quarter-life crisis. I had just moved back from living abroad and felt myself becoming increasingly confused thinking about my future. I knew that I did not want to continue my current career but had no idea what the alternative would be. The only thing I knew for sure was that whatever occupation I decided on needed to be meaningful and have a clear path moving forward.

Teena came to my rescue and provided me with the tools necessary to make a decision! Every week Teena asked me questions and provided me with assignments to uncover my career needs, personal skills, and inherent values. She helped me to understand how these things intersected and how they ultimately provided the framework necessary to choose a new profession.

Now, I am ready to build on what I learned about myself to begin a new and fulfilling career! I am beyond grateful for my time spent working with Teena and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some career clarity!!! Thank you, Teena!!! You are the best!!" - Alex Poster

All great sessions. I feel a natural connection with Teena and she has the perfect blend of kindness, support, and forward thinking for me.”

Teena has great skills for helping me figure out what I want in life and career.

Good conversation, Teena asks clarifying questions and gives interesting perspectives to think about.

Wonderful. I love the homework. I feel very secure in Teena’s ability to understand the scope of my challenges and trust that she can coach me effectively.

I like how she keeps me focused and doing things in manageable steps.

I have been working on my "life focus" and self-improvements, and plan to continue those efforts with the tools she provided me with in this New Year and beyond. I now feel confident in my abilities to move forward on my own.

Teena brings to the table a wide range of skills that are highly valuable to career coaching clients including communication skills training, emotional intelligence training, and an understanding of systemic dynamics that are helpful to anyone seeking to have greater impact and influence as a leader, more and positive working relationships in general.

Teena demonstrates an ongoing quest for excellence in her work, as evidenced by a commitment to continuing education and investment in the skills and strategies that will help her provide a high level of value and support for her clients. Personally and professionally, Teena is self-aware, open to self-assessment and constructive feedback, an excellent communicator, and has demonstrated herself to be consistently ethical and of high integrity.


The first step in my process is to schedule a Free Consultation with me so that we can discuss what your current challenges are. Then from here, I will provide you with my recommendations. If we choose to work together, I will discuss the details with you at this time. If we choose not to work together, I will provide an appropriate referral.