Personal Leadership

Self doubt, lack of confidence and overwhelm are diminishing our power as natural leaders

  • Are you at a loss for other women to look up to for direction or advice?
  • Do you feel isolated in a male-dominated environment?
  • Are you a collaborator, networker and relationship builder, but spending time with the wrong people?
  • Are you tired of conforming to a culture simply because it’s the way the majority of people around you prefer to be and work?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and overworked with increasing demands of your time and energy?
  • Is your work-life balance suffering?
  • Is it difficult to set boundaries when there’s so much to do to succeed as a leader?
  • Does your success feel like a sacrifice because it takes away from a healthy sense of well being and balance in your life?

Personal Leadership is so important - in fact, renowned management expert Peter Drucker once called it, "The only leadership that's going to matter in the 21st century." 

Women leaders (at all levels) are looking for a means to become more influential and impactful in the workplace


They want to know how to feel more confident when challenged with difficult conversations and how to manage their energy and time day-to-day so they can have less overall stress and greater health and wellbeing. They want more authentic connections and relationships and feel powerful in their place of business as a leader.

Achieving gender parity is a common goal amongst women in the 21st century. Every day more women are stepping up into higher leadership positions and are looking for always to become more effective and impactful in their roles without compromising their own core values, but rather fully expressing their unique gifts and qualities as an emerging leader. 

Women still get paid 82 cents on every dollar and believe they have to show up like a man and do a man’s job rather than embrace their feminine power. Self-doubt, lack of confidence and overwhelm are diminishing women’s power as natural leaders.

At Claim The Lead, we offer a variety of personal leadership development programs for women leaders (at all levels) to help them become the catalyst for change that is needed to achieve gender parity.


The simple definition of a leader is a person who gets stuff done. It’s how you go about getting things done that further defines your quality of leadership. This is where personal leadership is essential for your success because your personal leadership impacts how you lead your life, your company or your department.

Your leadership is influenced by a variety of factors such as character, life experiences, cognitive abilities and maturity. All of these factors impact how you connect to real-world demands, generate powerful conversations and provide a clear path for action.

Leadership is often approached as a one-to-many relationship, whereas personal leadership is the leadership of the self. It is the ability to create a vision and define a direction for your leadership and life, and to move in that direction with alignment, consistency and clarity. The practice of personal leadership teaches you how to lead from inside out. This means that you are self aware and consistently assessing how you need to be, act, think and feel in order to be your best self. What this means is you frequently and skillfully retreat from the concerns of the day, the people, the problems and the pressure,  to explore and discover your inner advantage.

To practice personal leadership, you apply the principles of leadership that make businesses a success. For example, leading in business involves having a compelling vision, developing strategies that are in alignment with your vision and inspiring people to use their talents to meet a goal for improved business results.

Leading yourself means applying these same principles of leadership to your role as a leader and your life. You, too, need a compelling vision and aligned strategies for reaching it. You need a team supporting you. You need results, as well as a sense of contribution and purpose. The difference is that personal leadership doesn’t just make for better business; it makes for better leadership. It makes for a better you. When you practice personal leadership, you use every ounce of your potential with inspiration instead of perspiration, synergy instead of sacrifice, and wisdom instead of work.

Why Should Women Develop and Strengthen Their Personal Leadership?  

Here are some numbers to consider...

  • Women earn 57% of college degrees
  • Women makeup half of the workplace, but are stuck at 18% on average of top leadership positions across all sectors of economy and have broken the 20% barrier in only a few sectors
  • Women buy 85% of the consumer goods and services
  • Women hold only 16% of the seats on boards overall of directors of companies that tell us what we get to choose from
  • Women represent 54% of the vote, but only 19% of Congress and less than 1/4 of state legislative seats
  • The U.S. ranks 94th among the world’s 190+ countries in female representation in its national legislature
  • Women earn 82 cents to men's dollar
  • Women were rated more favorably than men in 75% of the core competencies for business leadership, including "Takes Initiative," "Builds Relationships," "Collaboration and Teamwork" and "Drives for Results” in a study reported in the Harvard Business Review.

In a survey of 64,000 respondents worldwide, more people valued traditionally "feminine" attributes in leaders than traditionally "masculine" attributes. Yet women often do not appreciate and leverage their strengths. The truth is, women actually do have power today if they choose to own it and use it.  

Here are some examples:

  • More women in leadership positions equals more money earned by companies.
  • More women in government leadership equals better decisions.
  • We have the power of the purse, being purchasers of 85% of goods and services.
  • We have the power of education.
  • We have the power of numbers, there are just more of us, as people and as voters.
  • We have the power of justice. It's simply fair and right for women to have equal opportunity and a fair share of leadership.

At this point in time, what’s the quality of your personal leadership? 

Are you succeeding at leading yourself?

Are you owning your power and claiming the lead?  

Are you living your life or truly claiming the lead?