Stop Having the Same Argument!

Break Out of Old Relationship Patterns
and Rekindle Your Connection

Couples Therapy in Boulder and Online throughout Colorado

You feel alone – even when you’re together.

The connection between you has become strained.

You used to look forward to spending time together, but now you dread another fight.

It feels like you’re both constantly on edge.

A slight misunderstanding quickly spirals out of control.

The passion you once shared now seems like a distant memory.

The other night, you felt a pang of dread when their headlights pulled into the driveway.

It’s heartbreaking because there’s still so much love between you.

Small things drive you crazy now!

The clothes on the floor and the dishes in the sink, he’s “busy” or on his phone every time you try.

You can’t keep going like this.

Break out of the pattern and reconnect.

I use a powerful approach to couples’ therapy called PACT, which helps partners co-create a secure functioning relationship.

In our sessions, you’ll gain a unique lens into your relationship that uses the neuroscience of human behavior to uncover the unconscious patterns driving disconnection in your relationship.

This provides invaluable insights into both your behaviors and reactions. (Even the socks on the floor!)

This innovative and holistic approach lets you understand how you’re both difficult and actions to improve your situation.

This is more than just ‘Talk Therapy.’

Yes, we’ll create a safe space for you to communicate with one another, but it’s a lot more than that.

I’m offering a psychobiological approach that allows you to work through issues in real time.

As your nervous system calms, you’ll be able to have more authentic interactions with each other.

You’ll both be equipped with the tools to recognize each other’s physiological cues and effectively de-escalate conflicts before they occur.

This allows for renewed trust and paves the way for a harmonious and lasting bond.

Repattern your relationship for lasting joy.

Relationship issues are notoriously difficult to sort out from within the relationship.

Unfortunately, without external support, most issues worsen over time.

Couples therapy with me empowers you to build a lasting connection based on shared understanding.

Don’t let unconscious patterns impair your connection any longer.

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