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Holistic care addresses more than your mental health. It feeds your soul.

I help you heal yourself from the pain and suffering experienced from loss and heartbreak.


Hi, I’m Teena!

It’s time to heal from our pain and suffering. We can release outdated beliefs that hide our truth. Experiencing complex life events inspires significant change and freedom to lead a happy, authentic life.

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Regardless of where you are in life or your level of satisfaction with your life, this book offers practical ideas for improving it. Simply, "read it"!

Steve Mollen

I recommend this book to anyone going through grief ( from the loss of a loved one) or pain from a broken relationship.

Sharon G. Madison

In her book, Teena paints an honest and moving narrative of the grief she's suffered including the loss of her beloved father and how she embraced and moved through her losses with bravery and openness.

Lori Kadin-Benson

The thought prompts throughout the book were helpful for looking inward to connect with memories and feelings associated with loss that have been weighing me down.

Leslie Viente