Do You Want To Create Unwavering Success In Your Business, Life and Relationships?


"It's not what is happening around you that determines your health, finances or hotness...but what's happening inside of you, exclusively." - The Universe

"Feminine power isn't something we go out and acquire; it's already within us. It's something we become willing to experience. Something to admit we have."   - Marianne Williamson

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In Which Area Do You Want To Have More Success?

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Business | Career

MORE MONEY. I want to attract more of my ideal clients and get paid well to do what I love.

Community | Leadership

GREATER IMPACT. I want to be a leader that inspires positive change in my community.

Relationships | Love Life

MORE DESIRE. I want to ignite the passion in my life and have more emotional intimacy.

Are you stuck in fear and unable to move forward?

Want to inspire change and have a greater impact in the world?

Have you tried every proven strategy imaginable, yet you're still NOT as successful as YOU KNOW you could be?

I get it. I totally get it. I have been there. I have been there AND I have experienced a major life shift that has allowed me to get unstuck from the grip of fear and move forward in my life. I am moving forward in my life with the clarity that I am in alignment with my soul’s purpose and it feels AMAZING!

I get to inspire change and make a positive impact in people’s lives. I have learned after a long period of struggle that presence must precede strategy in order gain momentum and obtain a high level of success. There are no short cuts if what you want is unwavering success. I’m not talking about reaching short-term goals that feed your ego in the moment and don’t give you lasting fulfillment and joy.

I’m talking about your life! I’m talking about how you show up in your life. Are you content with how things are currently in your life? Are you playing small, keeping things safe and enjoying being in the cocoon of your comfort zone?

OR Are you in touch with your desire? Are you doing what it takes to hold onto the charge of your desire and let it be what guides you to take inspired action? Where do you guard against feeling your desire?

These are questions that I ask my clients to ask themselves because if you are not willing to grow personally, professionally and spiritually, you will never get to where you really want to be in life.

My higher purpose is to show up in my life everyday and be a positive role model for women who are playing small. Women who might not realize they are playing small because they are so accustomed to projecting confidence. These women are success driven, they desire change and they are change makers, BUT they are exhausted, overwhelmed and not making enough money to show for how hard they’re working.

They are ready to play a bigger game by stepping up to live a greater life. They need help getting visible, being seen and heard in a bigger way so they can excel in all areas of their life while staying deeply connected and rooted in their feminine power.

If what I am sharing calls to you, I invite you to schedule some time to connect with me. I'm looking forward to it!

Much love,

Teena Evert Feminine Presence Coach

Teena's honest, gripping, compassionate speaking style fuses personal and spiritual growth with professional development. Success driven conscious women are moved to consider new possibilities in their quest to inspire change and have a greater impact in the world by stepping up live a greater life.

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Learn how to be powerful and feminine through a series of practices to develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want both personally and professionally so you can excel in your business, life and relationships.


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Are you ready to learn how to fully embody your personal power and achieve exactly what you want without trying harder. What if you didn't have to apply any more proven strategies to excel in all areas of your life?  It's time to close the gap between your feminine power and what society says is powerful.

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About Teena Evert

Teena Evert, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed addictions counselor, certified holistic psychotherapist, relationship coach, licensed Art of Feminine Presence® coach and teacher. She works with bold and brilliant women who are ready to harness their feminine power to achieve more of what they truly want in business, life and relationships and need to put a stop to chasing bright shiny objects that promise happiness and instant success.

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller​


Every month Teena opens up her calendar for FREE Feminine POWER Sessions™ with a select number of bold and brilliant women who are ready to explore how they can have greater fulfillment in their relationships, work, and life without doing more, being more or working harder to make it ALL happen. Click on the button below to get started!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Teena’s nonjudgmental, compassionate insight into relationships led me to rethink my approach to the dynamics I’ve been creating in my life. As a result, I’ve gotten really clear on different ways to create healthy fulfilling relationships both personally and professionally of my own choice. Paradigm shifting!

– Erica Wexler, Organizational Leadership Consultant
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Teena has a true genius for asking the right questions, listening with compassion (and without judgment) and guiding you to important ah-has about yourself. If you want clarity and a game plan to get the relationship you've been longing for, stop procrastinating and call Teena NOW!

- Jean Haynes, Career and Leadership Speaker
John Doe UI/UX Designer

There are some people that can move you with their words, and some people that can move you with their presence. Teena Evert can do both. Her speaking and coaching will move you to a place of awareness and thoughtful shifting towards the goals you aspire to in a way that other speakers and coaches cannot do.

- Kathleen Audet, Image Consultant
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Teena's talk woke me up to my innate potential. She was engaging and dynamic with both her story and presence capturing my attention from the beginning to end. Taking me on a journey back into my feminine presence and strength that I already possess, enabling me to remember what I am capable of. I feel empowered and motivated to just be ME again!

- Taunya Zipse, Relationship Expert


Teena leads and inspires women to deepen and strengthen their greatest currency: their feminine presence. Her honest, gripping, compassionate speaking style fuses personal and spiritual growth with professional development. Success driven conscious women are moved to consider new possibilities in their quest to inspire change and have a greater impact in the world.

"One of the deepest habitual patterns that we have is the feeling that we are not good enough." - Pema Chodron