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Kara’s world may seem picture-perfect on the surface – the lavish home, the lucrative job, the dashing husband, the thriving furry companions, and a vibrant life. Yet beneath that façade, a heavy burden weighs on her heart, leaving her feeling utterly unsupported.

Kara feels INADEQUATE.

Kara grapples with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. She believes she is failing, not just herself but also her marriage. A relentless gnawing attacks her stomach, threatening to engulf her in a flood of tears that she dares not release, fearing they would only exacerbate her troubles.

Kara feels UNHEARD.

Kara knows her voice should matter; her opinions should hold significance. Yet, as she reaches out to share her thoughts and feelings with her husband, he is indifferent and silent. This silence leaves her feeling diminutive and insignificant.

Mark feels ALONE.

Mark arrives home to an empty, cold house on a lonely Friday night. He sits on the couch, finding solace in the remnants of a family dinner. The emptiness around him reinforces his sense of isolation, making him question his importance in their lives. Loneliness grips his heart.


Mark’s resolute efforts to provide for his family leave him feeling unappreciated. He’s their unwavering support, working tirelessly to meet their needs. However, his endeavors are often overshadowed by complaints and criticism, leading to a heavy burden of inadequacy and aching sorrow.

Mark feels HOPELESS.

Amidst Mark’s despair, hope slips through his fingers like sand. He longs for his wife’s affection and understanding, but they remain out of reach. Despite his unwavering efforts, he can’t seem to mend things or bring happiness to his wife’s heart. Hopelessness envelops him, casting a long, dark shadow over his every endeavor.

Lisa feels BAD.

Following another failed relationship, Lisa succumbs to the belief that, despite her accomplishments and strengths, she is fundamentally unworthy. She shoulders unwarranted blame, haunted by the conviction that she is inherently bad. She tries to ease the pain with shopping, socializing, and intense workouts – but it lingers.


Overwhelmed and yearning for a brighter future, Lisa clings to hope. She is eager to escape the darkness and says yes to numerous commitments. The weight of obligations pushes her to the brink, leaving her agonizing over how to regain her life from the grip of stress and overwhelm.

Lisa feels DRAINED.

Emotionally drained, Lisa longs for a break from the demands of those around her. Each interaction depletes her, leaving her energy reserves empty. Guilt clings to her, a suffocating reminder of her inability to meet the demands placed on her weary shoulders.

An intimate relationship without communication is like a bird without wings, or a tree without leaves. Communication is one of the primary mediums for connection, and without connection how intimate can a relationship be? – PuddleDancer Press

Rejuvenate Your Relationship. I can help.

When you realize that you don’t know what else to do to change how you feel about yourself and your relationship, professional help can help guide you toward healing.

Kara’s pain is real, her struggles deeply felt, and the weight of her emotions threatens to drown her. She longs for the day when she can break free from this suffocating web of loneliness and find the support, understanding, and validation she so desperately craves in her marriage.

Mark’s pain is palpable, a silent scream in the depths of his soul. He yearns for a connection, recognition, and a sense of purpose in the very family, he has dedicated himself to. Amid this desolation, he longs for a flicker of light to guide him out of this profound darkness and into the warmth of understanding and love with his wife.

Lisa’s world is colored by the shadows of anxiety, overwhelmed desires, and emotional fatigue. She longs for a glimmer of light, a path forward that will lead her out of this labyrinth of anguish and into a place where she can rediscover herself, find peace, and mend the pieces of her fractured heart.

Kara, Mark, and Lisa all want to change their relationships.

Ready to Transform Your Relationship?

Kara and her husband made a commitment to improve their relationship through counseling. Over several months, they learned better communication, easing the tension between them. They began feeling more at ease with each other and eagerly anticipated their weekly sessions to strengthen and revitalize their connection.

Mark’s initial appointment was marked by stress, as he felt like he had to coax his wife into attending. I reassured them, emphasizing my commitment to understanding their relationship dynamics. Together, they discovered that couples therapy required effort, yet, amidst the challenges, they found themselves rediscovering each other and relishing the process of rekindling their connection.

Lisa committed to getting to know the relationship with herself. She began learning about empathic distress and the importance of prioritizing her well-being. We explored her past relationship dynamics and identified patterns causing her pain. She gained insight into emotional and energy boundaries, empowering her to reclaim her power, self-respect, and dignity in relationships.

Kara, Mark, and Lisa made the commitment to prioritize their primary relationships and do the work necessary for healing and transformation.

If you are ready to grow and heal your relationship,
whether it’s your relationship with yourself or your partner, reach out.

The names and stories are fictionalized composites of real clients whom I’ve helped.

“There is nothing in the world more difficult than another human.”

– Stan Tatkin

Hi, I’m Teena.


When your relationship is good, it feels great. When it’s bad, it can seem hopeless.

Relationships can be tough, often leaving people suffering from a lack of understanding about what’s needed for change.

Blaming partners for our pain is common, but we all contribute to our relationship dynamics. Addressing these patterns requires courage and vulnerability, leading to relief, confidence, happiness, humor, and ease in our important relationships.

Chronic relationship stress can have a negative impact on your well being. Many people suffer from an increase in anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, resentment, guilt and overwhelm.

I personally understand these struggles, wrestling with chronic heartbreak and emotional abuse, transforming pain, hurt, and self-destruction. It takes work that will require commitment, honesty, maturity, courage, self-compassion, and care.

My passion is to help people in their primary relationships. For couples, I help them work together to foster personal and relationship growth, heal unresolved hurts, and co-create a safe, secure-functioning relationship. 

I help individuals to face their own contributions to relationship stress by providing clarity and direction, and tools to navigate their couple and family relationships.

My private practice is a safe and sacred space for healing and soul growth in relationships.

“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.”

– Hafiz

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