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I help my clients to go after what they want in life with clear intentions, and set strategies, so they get results and successfully achieve their career goals.

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Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning and pull the covers over your head because you dread getting up and going to work?

When you imagine your future success and having a meaningful career, do you feel stuck and unclear about how to move forward and create lasting change?

Knowing WHO you are at your core is a powerful step to getting unstuck, gaining career clarity and finding the energy and excitement to launch you in the right direction so you can achieve greater satisfaction and success in your work life.  

Knowing WHO you are accelerates your results…

Do you remember the time when you began to take charge of your own life? When you decided what was important to you, the kind of career you wanted to pursue, and the values you wanted to live by?

The truth is, many people have not completed this important transition into adulthood. Is this you? When you were growing up, no one inquired about where you wanted to go. No one was asking you the right questions or powerful questions that would have helped you develop a vision for your future and a plan to support it.

Turns out that many of us have been traveling down dead-end roads for years, feeling lost and not knowing where to turn to find greater satisfaction and meaning in our work and life. This is why I am passionate about the work that I do as a career development and marketability coach, it gives me energy and I am excited to jump out of bed on a Monday morning!

I have traveled down many dead-end roads in my professional career, because I didn’t have a clue about who I was, who I wanted to be or what, I wanted to do when I grew up.

Although I don’t have regrets for any of the roads I have traveled down, I do know that I would have saved a lot of time, money and other valuable resources if I had someone who I trusted to guide me. That is what I love most about what I do. I help guide you towards making important life decisions that are right for you so you can develop a career path that lead you to your ideal job that lights you up, even on a Monday morning.

With all the challenges we are facing right now in the world, with so much uncertainty, there is power in your hands to create change.

First you have to take responsibility and accountability for your future by claiming the lead. Learn from your past mistakes and figure out how you can make things better. Seek solutions that align with your values and acknowledge your struggles as you leave behind self-limiting beliefs that have kept you from taking bold actions. Use your personal power to lead and create a life and a career that brings meaning and purpose and becomes a reason to keep moving forward and growing even when things don’t always go your way or unfold exactly the way you had hoped for.

I’m Teena Evert, a Career Development &  Marketability Coach, and I have a gift for guiding ambitious, career-driven professional women (and men) to thrive in their work. Whether it’s designing a career path that lights you up, up-leveling your marketability, or landing your ideal job, I have a proven track record of accelerating your results.

I engaged with Teena for her career counseling, having moved to a new region of the country and wanting to pivot my career a bit in focus but not really knowing how to do that. Her sessions were absolutely invaluable to me in terms of gaining the motivation and confidence to start my new career search and having a direction in which to proceed.

Teena provides a very objective point of view on your career experience, your skill sets in terms of strengths and weaknesses, and providing actual concrete resources to aid you in your career search. While she gives you the necessary tools to gain proper footing in stepping forward, it's still up to you to make that step.

What Teena is NOT is job search engine nor resumé editing machine. She can give you good guidance on both those topics, but what Teena really provides is clarity in your own mental acuity in terms of your job search.

I can say with confidence that the assistance I received from Teena was absolutely vital in me tackling my job search head-on, doing things I had avoided for far too long (resumé polishing, LinkedIn updating, etc) and being successful in finding the meaningful position I've sought since moving to Denver. Despite the current uncertainties of the job market in the times of COVID-19, I was able to land that position. I highly recommend that anyone looking for direction and/or assistance with their own job search to fully engage in Teena's services and not look for short-cuts.

Ken Cho

Sales Professional


■ "I don't feel happy and fulfilled in my career because I'm not passionate about my work."

■ "I don’t feel seen and valued and I know I'm meant for more."

■ "I'm not being recognized and have been passed up for opportunities to grow."

■ "I would like to have greater financial health and stability."

■ "I am ready for change, but I don't know what steps to take."


■ Overcome burnout

■ Get connected to a career path and the right work that is meaningful to you

■ Gain clarity on your vision for purposeful work

■ Increase your visibility and get recognized for growth opportunities

■ Boost your confidence by knowing your value and owning your worth in the workplace

■ Build momentum by having the right tools and steps to move forward and advance in your career

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Here’s why and how I help many people just like you:

Life is too short to be spent in a career that drains your energy, steals your joy and robs you of the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time. I believe you have limitless possibilities to share your unique talent, passion and purpose with the world.

know that managing a successful career path is not easy.  

Change is constant and given. 

There can be times of uncertainty, disruption, and confusion.

And there can be times of great clarity, momentum and joy!

You can create your ideal work-life. 

When you own your value, utilize your strengths, and implement key strategies to guide you.  

Partner with a trained and certified career coach - and get structured support to help you focus on where you want to go.

My name is Teena Evert and I am the founder and CEO of Claim the Lead, PLLC.

I am a board certified coach (BCC), certified career counselor (CCC), global career development facilitator (GCDF), certified career transition coach (CCTC), certified digital brand strategist (CDBS), profile and resume writer and licensed mental health professional (LMFT).

I have navigated many career changes and manage a successful career.

I have turned my biggest struggles into strengths and tap into them daily to serve my clients.

In today’s world, many people focus almost entirely on what is wrong with them - their problems, their struggles and their stressors. As a result, they often lose sight of what is good and strong in them. There is so much more to life than problems.

I provide a holistic, strength-based approach to help people shift their focus from what is wrong to what is strong. 

Focusing on one’s universal strengths of character is pivotal for self-awareness in that this knowledge can offer deep awareness and personal insights that can lead to change. 

Both strengths-based career counseling and conventional career counseling increase one’s daily use of strengths; however, a strength-based approach also enhances one’s self-esteem.

Research has also shown that strength-based career counseling leads to a higher rate of employment (81%) than conventional career counseling (60%) after a 3-month follow up.

What is a strengths-based approach?

  • A strength-based approach is honest. It acknowledges problems, but doesn’t get lost in them. 
  • It is positive and focuses on what is best and good. 
  • It is empowering and encourages or advances the individual. 
  • It is energizing and uplifts and fuels your hopes and dreams.
  • It is connecting and brings you closer to others, aiding in mutual connection. 

To your happiness 😃 satisfaction and success!

Board Certified Coach
certified digital branding strategist
Certified Career Transition Coach
NSA Professional Member

Coaching Programs

Career Development 

Get clear and gain confidence in identifying what you want and need from your career, make informed decisions and take the right actions to accomplish your career objectives and lifestyle goals!

Job Search Coaching 

Receive guidance, support and proven job search strategies to make informed decisions about your future. Engage in the process of an advanced job search to jump start your success in the right direction!

Ignite Your Marketability

Personal Brand Strategy

Just like a business, you - the job-seeker, needs to market yourself. You are the product. Learn personal brand and marketing strategies so that you can easily increase your visibility, credibility, impact and get hired!

Whole Life Coaching 

You're an ambitious professional wanting more out of life and your personal stuff might be getting in the way. You're ready for change and transformation is on the horizon - you can't do it alone and realize you need a guide, a coach to guide you - That's Teena!

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Why partner with a coach? What is the process? Do you work long distance? How long does it take? How do I get started? Teena will work by your side so that you can reach your BIG goals. She provides an organized and customized approach for each client.

Book Teena to Speak

Teena is an active Professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) in Colorado. She speaks and facilitates interactive workshops that focus on key strategies to achieve greater happiness, productivity and engagement in your work. 

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Career Accelerator

If you want to dive right in and get a lot of work done in a short amount of time, then a half day or full day Career Accelerator Immersion is for you!

Teena will provide you with a prep-session and pre-work before meeting for your half or full day immersion so that you can be prepared to dive deep and get the work done that you want to accomplish. Teena he will customize and design your Career Accelerator Day just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Should Know About Career Coaching

It is not a secret that it is a tough job market out there - both for people who are just starting out and for those who have jobs but certainly not the ideal career that they desire. 

According to the latest employment projections by the U..S Department of Labor and Statistics - Employment is projected to grow from 161.0 million to 169.4 million jobs from 2018 to 2028. So why not invest in your career development and planning so that you can set yourself for a bright and satisfying future.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of professionals who can help you make your search for the ideal career a bit easier. People like me a board certified career coach, certified career counselor, global career development facilitator and licensed mental health professional with over 15 years of experience in the field and founder of Claim the Lead.

What exactly is career coaching?

In my work as an experienced coach and counselor, I approach it as a discipline comprised of these two similar yet distinct tracks: coaching and counseling. The goal is to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools they can use to meet those goals. 

Not all career coaches have clinical training, as I do, and the definitions of the field and the work still vary among more conventionally trained coaches. In general, "coaching" tends to be a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with clients to see what concrete steps they can take to achieve career objectives. “Counseling,” however, is more process driven - you look at whether there are any behavioral, emotional or psychological issues that could be impeding a person's desired career ambitions.

The core virtue of career coaching is to help people assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy, compassion and discernment.

What are the most common misconceptions about career coaching?

That a well-crafted résumé is all you need to successfully conduct a job search and that career coaches will actually find you a job. Career coaching is a process and one career coaching session will not resolve your job challenges. It takes an average of 8-10 hours of coaching for the typical client to begin internalizing the key benefits of the work.

What can you expect from working with a career coach?

One can expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement, inspiration and direction. The coaching relationship often grants permission to relax a bit as the job search can create an uncomfortable amount of anxiety, fear and vulnerability in people. I am a big proponent of strength-based interventions in my work and I help clients tap into their strengths to regulate emotions and understand the factors that kept them stuck in their careers so that they can successfully navigate change and move forward.  

At what point in a person's professional life is career coaching likely to be most useful?

While I believe that career coaching can be helpful at every point of someone's professional path I would say the early the better in order to put individuals on more solid footing. This means not just having a well-crafted résumé and a suitable career path, but also with a mindset that helps them understand that the career path of today is not as direct as it might have been in previous generations.

Career coaching is also extremely helpful for people experiencing a job or career change, because navigating transitions can often be very challenging if you don't have a plan or strategy in place to keep moving forward. 

Who is the ideal coaching client?

Someone who is open to new ideas, willing to step out of their comfort zone and who is motivated to engage in the work that makes up the job-search-and-career-change process. An ideal client allows the coach to be a partner in that process. Clients are encouraged to reach out for as much help as possible from the coach and fro everyone else in their personal and professional networks in order to succeed. 

At what point might the usefulness of career coaching diminish?

There are certain factors that can impede one's ability to move forward in the career coaching process, such as unchecked anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, fear or general resistance to change. If and when clients are no longer doing the work required to conduct a thorough job search or make the desired change, the benefits of coaching will also decrease. 

Nothing compares to having clients gradually recognize that there’s hope in their situation, particularly after having started the process feeling lost and hopeless. I’ve seen people go from feeling completely disenchanted with their career or job prospects—even apathetic and unmotivated to change their circumstances—to feeling freshly inspired and motivated to move forward with new ideas. 

How does one identify career satisfaction?

If you are doing something you really, truly enjoy, it shouldn’t feel like work at all. Ideally, you should feel a sense of alignment between your work and your values. It’s only in that space of overlap, which may or may not relate to your sense of purpose in the world and that a genuine sense of career gratification or fulfillment becomes possible. If you want a job that brings fulfillment, then aligning your work with your values is essential. If you already derive fulfillment from work, then your work is probably already an extension of your values.

What can I do to find out if coaching is the next best step for me?

Follow the steps outlined below if you are ready to get started exploring what the coachig partnership can look like for you. 

Best Practices



Request a FREE Consultation to discuss your current challenges and desired career and life goals. 


If you discover value in investing and working with a coach at this time, you can expect to received a customized plan and options for moving forward.  


Schedule your first session and put the date and time on your calendar. Review your welcome packet and complete all of your pre-work at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled session.