​Hi, I'm Teena

Teena Evert

​​I help soul-centered entrepreneurs and powerful decision makers up-level their life and business by relieving their constant state of overwhelm and intense pressure to succeed.







​I ​help ​soul-centered entrepreneurs and powerful decision makers uplevel their life and business by relieving their ​constant state of ove​​​​rwhelm and intense pressure to succeed.

I will show ​you how to become more visible, make a greater impact and bring in more money!

For the past 20 years I have been immersed in the personal development industry. After leaving my first job out of college as a Fisheries Biologist in Alaska, I went on to study therapeutic yoga and massage. I quickly became a devote student of the healing arts and became a certified yoga teacher and massage therapist. I then ​traveled to India and Thailand where I was able to enrich my learning of yoga at it’s root and explore the ancient practice of Thai massage.

After nearly spending 10 years in remote Alaska and traveling internationally, I moved to Boulder, CO where I continued my quest to learn more about the body-mind connection. ​I became certified as Structural Integration Practitioner and worked with thousands of clients as a Structural Integration Practitioner and Therapeutic Yoga Instructor helping people to reduce their chronic pain and trauma in a holistic way.

I observed how trauma lives in the body and ​knew that there was more to the puzzle of helping people find a solution to lasting relief so they could begin to live a more fulfilling life. I continued my quest for answers and attended graduate school to receive a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Addictions Counselor in the state of Colorado, as well as a Holistic and Relationship Coach.

The focus of my work shifted to helping women, couples and families who struggled to create and maintain healthy relationships with their self and with each other. I worked with a wide variety of populations and ethnic backgrounds - and there is probably nothing that I could hear about or witness that would shock or surprise me. I have had the honor to help people through the most severe trauma all the way to the natural ebb and flow of life’s transitions from birth to death.

My life’s work has always been from a holistic perspective. I was never one to enjoy diagnosing my clients and treating them through the disease model of managed care. I continued to deepen my studies to create an enormous holistic toolbox to help my clients find relieve from their emotional and physical pain.

All of my experience and professional training ​is ​infused in my work with clients, but you could say that my work is unique in that I have developed The Relief Model to help my clients get clear about where it is that they are really stuck so that they can get relief quickly.


My work is intuitive, soulful, integrated, embodied, and empowering. What I am most proud of is that it gets to the root cause of your pain whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

I am a personal and spiritual growth junkie. I walk my talk and continue to learn along side my clients. I have survived and thrived through many of my own life tragedies. I have the knowledge and skill set and the life experience to guide you to where it is you want to be in your life and quickly. This process does not have to take years and years and years to complete.

I work with and support soul-centered entrepreneurs and powerful decision makers to invoke their bold and brilliant selves, so they can be the best at what they do - without giving up any part of who they truly are.

I will help you get relief so you can ​finally IGNITE your presence, MAGNETIZE your impact, and LIVE THE LIFE that matches your dreams!

Much love,